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Republic of Cyprus, 2013 : When International Bankers Began To ROB Private Citizens

It is the tolling of the bell heard around the world.

The Republic of Cyprus is raiding their savings of their citizens to pay international bankers.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Matina Stevis, this would lower the impact on smaller savers to just 3% of their deposits:

Exclusive: #Cyprus new prop. today: €0-100K 3%; €100-500k 10%; €500k+ 15%. #Eurogroup teleconf likely later Monday #euro #wsjeuro
— Matina Stevis (@MatinaStevis) March 18, 2013

Here is how it all happened:

In the years of financial deception from the turn of the century until the housing crisis in the USA in 2008, the international bankers had successfully marketed to every country in the world that international bonds were the way to insure the success of the country in the “new financial age” Then when the pyramid crashed and the international bankers both kept their embarrassingly large profits from the good years and brought demand for payment to each of the countries involved who could not support the losses from the payments to the International bankers….they started to fall one by one.

This is what the news reported:

In September 2011, the credit rating of Cyprus was downgraded by all major credit rating agencies following the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion in July 2011 which occured in a period of slow progress of the fiscal and structural reforms. At the same time yields on its long-term bonds rose above 12%. Despite its low population and small economy Cyprus has a large off-shore banking industry that was shaken to its foundations during the financial turmoil. With a total nominal GDP of €19.5bn ($24bn)[3] the country was unable to stabilize its banks, which had amassed €22 billion of Greek private sector debt and were disproportionately hit by the haircut taken by creditors.

So the debt was made to look like it was bad management by the government of Cyprus. The reality happened 5 years prior when the international bankers started taking their high interest rates and commissions on each bond sale. They had sold worthless paper in exchange for the sovereign currency. Now that their paper had been identified as worthless, they now are back to demand payment in full for all outstanding debt.

And this is when the debt collectors came: Representatives of the Troika (the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Central Bank) arrived to the island in July for investigation over the financial problems of the country and submitted the terms of the bailout to the Cypriot government on 25 July.

Now here is the real troubling part.

In most cases you would expect the government of these countries to fight back against the international bankers. Calling them out on their worthless paper. Demanding refunds on the investments, interest paid, and commissions paid. But that doesn’t happen any more in our world. The leaders of each country are now either in partnership with these bankers, or are made to fear them to such an extent that they would rather subject their citizens to abuse.

Enter President Anastasiades of Cyprus:

President calls on MPs to approve depositors tax

How is it possible that a government leader can call on the people to suffer the loss of assets for something that they had nothing to do. There was no vote to approve buying the bonds of the International bankers. There was no vote to accept blame as a country for being swindled, and to not go after their own money that was stolen. Instead the very leader of the country is asking for their representatives in government to approve the unlawful theft of assets from their savings accounts.

This is theft on a national level. This is a trial study by the international bankers to see if they can push the logical laws of every nation back to the dark ages. In modern times……savings accounts are the ONLY true form of national security. Other than freedom, there is no greater thing that can be given away by a government. Now we have the leader of a country so afraid of international bankers and credit ratings that they are giving away the faith of the people in their government?

President Anastasiades is either insane of he is in partnership with those who want to rob Cyprus. In his statement to the nation he said, “In a televised address to the people a day after the eurogroup approved a bailout agreement for Cyprus, President Anastasiades said he fully undertakes responsibility for his actions and the solution which “we have chosen is surely not the one we wanted to, but it is the least painful under the circumstances and because most of all it allows us to be able to handle the economy ourselves”. He could not be more wrong if he tried. His statement is without any intelligence and without any merit.

Here is a wake-up call for Cypress and its president.

1) Thugs and international bankers NEVER let you out of debt once you owe them. This payment is not the solution…it is just a payment. Once it is made they International Monetary Fund will ask “When can we expect your next payment”
2) There is no law in any intelligent country that taxes savings accounts: Granted there are some horrific laws that tax the income on savings accounts, and while that is barbaric, it is no where near taxing the principle amount. That is the sacred jewel of a civilization. Once it is broken…it can never be repaired. Once you take one dollar from a savings account….there can never again be trust in the government.
3) If Cyprus thinks that a tax on savings is the worst the IMF has to offer….just wait. Next they are coming to levy your natural resources, your historical treasures, and then finally your human value in the form of indentured servitude.

So welcome to the modern age of international finance. There is a new global power. It has no borders and no government. It only robs and steals. It is sucking the life blood from island nations like Greece, Cyprus and African countries like Ivory Coast and Ghana. But when it is done with them….it is coming for you.

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