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Gentry and Renee Nickell and Their Doomed Daughter

Human animals are predictable if you have enough factual evidence to establish the paths of their future. The trouble is that most times, peoples lives are private enough that there is not enough public evidence to accurately predict the future. Typically we hear of a violent criminal, or submissive victim, and then we dig into their past and find the evidence of what put them on this path.

This time we are lucky. We have all the facts necessary to predict the future. Unfortunately, the future is incredibly sad.

Lets look at the facts.

Gentry and Renee Nickell are raising a daughter. She is now 13 years old. Right now she is making decisions on whether to be independent or to be a slave to others. Right now she is dealing with the new power of independent emotions that are not under her own control yet. Right now she is dealing with the incredible pressure of the social clusterF$*#K of the American education system. It is the time of molding the human being…..a mold that is not easily broken in adulthood.

So what is the mold her parents have given her? Lets look at the past.

1) She has been raised in a Church / religious group in which her parents blindly accept the advice of Christian Counselors.

2) She had an uncle, who was very much part of her life, die in an American foreign war.

3) She was publicly humiliated by her parents.

4) Her parents dictated her crimes to her, detailing what was not acceptable in words of extreme hate.

The words on the sign are very important. They are the precursor to the daughters future as dictated by her parents.

a) You are self entitled, with no respect for authority: TRANSLATED: You cannot make your own decision. All decisions must be made for you. Any decision you make for yourself is “self entitlement”. (and you can be sure they added the concept that “self entitled” people go to hell and burn for eternity.)

b) “Because I don’t care”. TRANSLATED: Telling your daughter that she is not caring is telling your daughter that she is devoid of love. Of course the daughter is caring and loving….this is one of those statements that most parents make in speaking to their children. A troubled child still cares…they are just trying to work things out in their minds and need parenting with respect….not ultimatums of degrading words.

Gentry and Renee Nickell have set a path for their daughter that is recognizable to any studying psychologist. They brought their child up in delusion and superstition. The prayers to the imaginary god go unanswered and the uncle is killed in a war that most people think is an insane war. She gets conflicting messages from TV, her parents, the church, and her friends at school. There is no possible way she could sort them out at 13 years of age.

Typically it takes outside influences to suggest that she look more closely at her religion and start really reading the book and start testing the promises before she will understand that it is a hoax. That outside influence typically does not come until college or her first years away from her overbearing parents.

Unfortunately for the daughter, that will never happen because of the incident that occurred after her humiliating punishment. A police officer came to the home after pictures of her parents humiliating her went viral on the internet. Instead of telling her parents that forced public abasement is not tolerated in our society, the cop let the father dictate the conversation and solidified the girls future submissive behavior by making her confirm the father’s right to humiliate his daughter in public.

So what is the future for this little girl. Here are the highly probable outcomes of the 13 years of parental influence by these two parents, plus this public humiliation with confirmation from authority.

1) She will do better in school, but not really learn. She won’t have the creativity to help our culture thrive. Just a shell of a person ever adapting and self abasing to please others.

2) All things will be “gods will” so people will be able to take advantage of her. She is now a victim for life. God has already taken her uncle without any explanation, so everything else is easy to accept.

3) She will fall in love only in a enabling, dependent way to a dominating and violent man. She will seek the “punish me and then hug me” relationship. As she matures, this punishment will be mostly likely domestic violence.

4) Her entire adult life will be based on hope for a better afterlife. She will (and has already) accepted that she has no control or hope in this life as an individual, but rather her only hope is in conforming to the wishes of others.

What a tragedy….an American tragedy. One that plays out 100 million times each generation in our country of superstition and bad parenting.

Itia (Abroad)

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