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Bolivia President and Snowden : Morales Grounded and Detained

The days of sovereignty are over. The United States has officially ended any power or benefit given to a sovereign country’s leader. We have officially taken steps to become the global dictators and if China was not in our way….we would have done it already.

Make no mistake…the people running the United States are not the representatives of the US people, and the people working for our government are doing so only for the money, or a twisted sense of patriotism that has been bashed into their heads.

If you want to know which countries are now official puppets of the United States Corporatocracy, simply watch the news to see which countries act against their own sovereign interests and do the bidding of the USA bosses for no logical reason whatsoever.

Example in case: Austria “US PUPPET”

Austria forced an airplane with the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, on it to land. This plan was not showing aggression to Austria, nor was it militarized in any way. He was just flying over the Austrian air space.

How is it that a leader of a country can be forced to land in a foreign country without any provocation?

This is Evo Morales. This is THE representative of Bolivia. He was basically arrested by the Austrian military because there was a 1% chance that Snowden was on the plane.

Bolivia angered by search of president’s plane, no sign of Snowden

Snowden has exposed the hate crimes and invasion of privacy that is done on a daily basis by our corrupted government. Now he is one man standing against the wealth and corruption of the US government. The NSA will take all steps, both legal and illegal, to kill him.

So why did the Austrian government do such a horrible thing that is a slap in the face of every UN treaty on sovereignty? Because the the Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future of Austria, are not really political parties…..they are puppets placed in power by the current American bosses. Austria has no real government. They are slaves to American corporations. This is the darkest hour for Austria since WWII. The citizens of Austria should be ashamed of their government. They have been sold a lie by marketing. The marketing machine of the US government is out of control and is taking on the voting process of every Democratic country in the world. One by one the governments are being shaped into puppet governments of those in power behind the facade government of the US.

Keep watching to see what other countries have become US puppets. Watch as countries break their own laws to benefit corporations and secret agencies in America. Then you will know that they have fallen too.

Goodbye Austria. Your short Democratic life was beautiful. Now you are a slave to a foreign power.

Itia (abroad)

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