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Delta airlines FRAUD and LIES

The Delta Airlines flight 4578 from Phoenix Arizona to San Jose California is a complete fraud.

Delta fraud

This flight is sold as a direct flight on all websites. IT IS A LIE.

They do this to cheat all the online sites and customers. They know nonstop flights are listed first in all the websites so they cheat!!M

Not only is the flight not a direct flight, but they simply drop you off in Los Angeles and tell you to ask an agent about the connection .

Here is the trick. There IS NO connection. You have to choose from a couple “available” flights.

The fact that the ticket is sold as nonstop is fraudulent. The fact that they don’t book you through to the final destination when you check in at Phoenix is fraudulent.

This has caused tens of thousands of travelers stress. Can you imagine if you are booking a child to San Jose and Delta justs drops them off in Los Angeles. Also….check the lost baggage records. This has to be one of the highest rates of loss in the industry. They lost one of mine and I understand why…..all the bags are mislabeled and its a best guess by the ground crew because they are not properly checked through

Priceline.com. Take notice! Delta is ripping your customers off!

All the rest is just bad service.

Tibia. Abroad…….never flying delta airlines again!!!!

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