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University of Buffalo : Stand UP for what is RIGHT!

Attention UB: The light is shinning on you and it is time to see if you are just another “waste of education” University or if you are enlightened.

Obama will speak at the University of Buffalo

You are the first stop on this bus trip visiting schools in the Northeast. You have the first chance to wake Obama up from his dream (our nightmare). There is a good chance that one of the three locations will give him the BOOOOO’s he deserves over his protection of the ILLEGAL actions of the NSA.

Stand up and show your intelligence. Don’t be a bunch of idiotic starstruck teenagers acting like you are at a Justin Bieber Concert.

Don’t get me wrong. I know your school is proud of this visit. I know : BUFFALO, N.Y. – When President Barack Obama addresses an audience at the University at Buffalo on Thursday, Aug. 22, it will mark the first time since 1853 that a sitting U.S. president has spoken at the university.

But the days in which we HOPED President Obama would be the person we voted for 2 TIMES!, is over. He has failed us. He does not deserve a warm welcome from anyone who is educated. Lets force him to hold his town halls in places filled with uneducated people. He has matched the evils of George Bush….now lets treat him like George Bush.

America will be PROUD of UB if they give the President the unwelcome response he deserves.

Boooooo Boooooo Booooo Freedom of Information, Freedom of speech.

Itia (abroad)

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