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Those Self-righteous Atheists

Its time to end an argument. It’s time to stop using words that do not fit simply because you are trying to use linguistics to win an argument. Don’t call a law “The patriot act” when you are taking away the freedoms that every patriot fought to win. Don’t call a law the “Clean air act” when it gives corporations more rights to pollute. Don’t call atheists self-righteous when denial of a god is the most humble act a human can do in their lifetime.

There are two schools of beliefs.

School 1: I am an infinite being. I worship a god who has chosen me over others. I am going to eternity in paradise and others are going to eternal torture.

School 2: I am a product of biological chance. When I die, it is the end of me. I am mortal. I do not have any advantage over another human being. I have no superiority, no claim of super powers, and no supernatural friend who is guiding me through life.

Which one is self-righteous? If you chose School 1, you are correct. If you chose School 2, then you are an insane religious zealot.

Note to Christians, Muslims and Jews. You are the definition of self-righteous. You are the cause of every war and crime against humanity. You are the reason why we have a world of pollution and crime and no way to find a path to nirvana. Don’t ever call anyone else self righteous when you have the guilt of the world on your shoulders. Novels and history books have documented your crimes. The cries of the innocent scream out every second of every day against what you believe. Atheists dream of a world without your insanity. We dream of a world where people don’t die because they have a twisted belief that they are a martyr. We dream of a world where a country does not hold itself above all the other countries in the world simply because it believes it is “chosen by god”. Atheists dream of equality, rationality, and peace. We dream of a world without you.

  1. BooksBooksBooks
    September 12, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    Try rewriting this after you’ve bothered to research the religious beliefs that you are lumping together and mis-characterizing. Super powers? Are you kidding me right now? It never fails to either amuse or annoy me that some people complain about not having their beliefs respected, then go out and do the same to others. Generalizations are lazy.

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