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The UN is now LEGALLY powerless per USA law

We all thought that George W. Bush and the Iraq war was an isolated event. We thought that the UN, the very Security Council that we set up, was still a viable entity towards world peace and a bright future for our world.

Then came Afghanistan. Again, George W. Bush violated all that was sacred in the trust between countries by forming a useless “coalition” of countries. The coalition was purchased by promises of commerce and wealth. That set the precedent that a group of countries could ignore the United Nations. They could bypass the Security Council votes and vetoes.

Then when George W. Bush left office and the GOP was defeated, we all believed that some sort of logic and sense could come back the world. The torturers were no longer in office. The ruthless captains of capitalism that threw all rules out the window in order to make a dollar were gone.Dick Cheney was no longer in any position of authority in Washington. Sure Halliburton had made trillions of dollars offshore. Sure the US economy was bankrupted. But now it was over….right?


US will make legal case for striking Syria without UN approval

New President. New Party. New international incident. Same stupid, moronic, idiotic, sadistic, war mongering response.

What is up with our “Yes we can change” President Barrack Obama?

When in history has a graduate of the Harvard School of Law decided to make a mockery of the United Nations precedent, let alone all the contracts the United States has signed with the United Nations?

When in history has a man who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize decided to launch an offensive against a foreign sovereign country?

Alfred Nobel (The man who created dynamite) and then created the peace prize would be burning in his grave if he knew Obama was going to start a war after receiving this prize.

Isaac Royall would stand up and demand the revocation of Obama’s Harvard Law Degree in light of this upcoming action by Obama to purposefully bypass the United Nations Charter and play God by starting a war.

It is all so unbelievable. The training of this man. The history that Barack Obama has had in his life. All the quality education and guidance. It all goes out the window this year. Barack Obama is going to start a war. Barack Obama is going to kill countless numbers of civilians. Barack Obama is going to continue the horror legacy of the United States playing God with the world and thinking that nothing bad will ever happen to our country.

This is our President?

America’s Newest War Monger
AKA George W. Bush II

This is the last straw for the United Nations. This is the final bastardization of an institution that was supposed to create lasting stability in the world. This is Barack Obama’s legacy…..the man who broke the back of the United Nations.

Why is Barack Obama doing this? Simple. China and Russia have vowed to veto aggression against the country of Syria. So America is leading the cry for war. Another war in the middle east. Another attack “just because we can”. Another 500 billion to 1 trillion in US dollars wasted.

Itia (Abroad)

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