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Syria : Chemical Weapons: The Media is Asking the WRONG Questions

Where have all the real journalists gone? Every journalist is asking “who dropped the chemical weapon” and “will America attack”.

Use your heads!

America is hell bent on pushing Bashar al-Assad out of power. The only country we have behind us is the French government, (NOT THE FRENCH PEOPLE). The English have finally spoken up against the puppet government of Cameron. England will not follow America into another war. But America is going to attack anyway.


Two reasons

1) America is the largest arms dealer on the planet. We sell to every country in the world. No matter how big or small, friend or enemy…the US government sells weapons. the US now has something remarkably close to a monopoly on what’s politely called the “transfer” of weaponry on a global scale. In 1990, as the Cold War was ending, the US had cornered an impressive 37 percent of the global weapons trade. By 2011, the last year for which we have figures, that percentage had reached a near-monopolistic 78 percent ($66.3 billion in weapons sales), with the Russians coming in a distant second at 5.6 percent ($4.8 billion).

US weapon sales top $66 billion (that’s $9.50 for everyone on the planet)

When we cannot sell enough of them to others…we sell them to ourselves.

The United States “Defense Budget” $711.0 Billion each year That is 41.0% of the total expense for weapons on the PLANET!

The ONE RULE that all branches of the military follow is : If you don’t shoot the bullets, you will not get the same budget next year.

EVERYONE knows the amount of munitions used in Iraq and Afghanistan are dropping rapidly. The industry needs another outlet. If other countries are going to war against each other…where is their revenue going to come from? Where is the justification for the huge military budget for next year?

So it goes without saying that the NRA, GOP, and the arms industry are all for the attack of Syria. It is the buffer market that will see them through to the next war. It is understood by most Americans that we are a Defense Contract Corporate Run Government. WE will always be the aggressor. WE will always be on the attack. It’s a horrible reality that us normal Americans have to live with every day. We see the empty eyed soldiers coming back after doing their “duty” and slaughtering hundreds of thousands with advanced weaponry against WWII semi-automatic guns. They know that no one stands a chance against our military. They know the horror of the aftermath of our military. Burned, blown apart, and deformed bodies lying everywhere. WE have to live with these empty eyed soldiers that never recover, never heal. But still we are powerless to change it.

That brings us to reason #2 of why the US military will attack Syria. This is the question that NO JOURNALISTS are asking of our White House. No one is asking of our President. No one is asking of our Congress.

Why? Because no one in our government will admit that part of the reason we will bomb Syria is to cover the chemical trail that leads right back to USA chemical companies.


The answer is 100% American made. Yes its illegal in the international community to make, sell or use chemical weapons….but like any good corporation, the US defense contractors have found a way around the law. Chemical weapons are alive and being sold thanks to American Chemical companies.

Syria Chemical Weapons Program Helped By Western Companies Selling Precursor Nerve Agents

It seems the American government was well aware of the chemical-weapons attacks carried out by Saddam Hussein in the late 1980s, both against the Iranian army and against his own people, and not only did nothing to stop him, but in fact supplied him with the coordinates of Iranian force concentrations in full knowledge that he would use that information to poison them with nerve and mustard gas.

Courtesy of American Made Chemicals!

America is the Global War Machine. We are the bully. We are the monster of war that makes the whole world cringe. How can I be patriotic about that?


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