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The McCain, Obama, Mendez dream world

Obama made history this month as he tried to start a war on his own…without approval of Congress, and without approval of the American public.

In his famous words that highlight the seperation of the American Government from the American People, Obama said, “President Obama said Saturday he’ll go to Congress for approval before launching a strike against Syria, but he also made it clear that he doesn’t believe he needs anyone else’s permission.”

We really should remove the term “PUBLIC SERVANT” from our language. It is clear that we have no public servants anymore….just corporate puppets.

Its clear to the whole world why Obama wants to attack Syria (and it has nothing to do with chemical weapons). The USA is the largest seller of arms and ammunition. The companies who make those items (and control our elected officials) demanded that Obama start another war to make up from the lowered consumption of munitions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our economy is based on oil and bombs. We need to drop more bombs to keep the money flowing to the people who got our officials elected.

Now about the dream world of McCain, Obama and Mendez. As a group, these three idiots believe that it is unfathomable that the “opposition” launched the chemical attack. The evidence says otherwise.

1) Iran warned the US 2 times that the “opposition” al-qaeda had captured some chemical weapons and that we should be ready for them to use them.
2) al-qaeda has a history of suicide bombings, killing of innocents, and deceptive war practices. This is their calling card.
3) The Syrian government had the area concerned surrounded….no need to use chemical weapons, that area was defeated already. That area was about to be swept clean of al-qaeda.
4) The war in Syria has 3 fighting parties. You never hear that in American news. What you will also not hear is that the al-qaeda fighters were NOT in the area at the time. Only the conservative fighters were killed in this attack. That is the smoking gun that our media and leaders are ignoring.

Here is what our idiot leaders are saying.

That position drew howls from members of Congress. Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.), a frequent Putin critic, tweeted that the op-ed was “an insult to the intelligence of every American.”

Sen. Robert Menendez (D., N.J.) told CNN he read the piece and “almost wanted to vomit.”

The White House said Mr. Putin was “isolated and alone” in blaming the rebels for the attack.

First of all, McCain is senile and crazy. He is the classic example of the victim who has become the offender. McCain has more blood on his hands since being released as a POW than most of his former captors. He is an insult to the intelligence of every American. We have an official “American Psycho” in office from the great state of Arizona.

Then there is Senator Mendez who has a bulimia problem. I think it was that boardwalk burger you ate just before you read the article that made you want to vomit. Obviously you are just a follower of others and not that strong in the mind. Think just one moment intelligently about the incident and you too will have questions about WHY SYRIA WOULD DO THAT???? Why they would want all this international attention. Why they would hit a location that close to the capital where the population was mostly non-combatants? Stop being such a moron.

Then there is the White House. Yes, Mr. President….you are Isolated and Alone in your thinking. Not since Bush has a White House been so ignorant of the facts and set apart from the people it governs.

Never before has a President fallen so far from the popular support to a place of complete and utter isolation as an idiot and failure. Mr. Putin is rapidly headed towards surpassing you in popular opinion of your own people.

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