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Apple 5S FLOP : Steve Jobs “The greatest Go-Out-On-Top stunt EVER”

Its official…..Apple has gotten rotten. The 5S is in the middle of a failure to launch.

Steve Jobs’ exit from Apple has seemingly created a vacuum of inginuity and style. The iPhone now looks like one of the free phones next to the new line of phones from Apple’s competitors.

It was only a few years ago when the iPhone made other phones look cheap. Now the iPhone looks like the “copy” or “clone” phone next to the Samsung.

How did this happen? simple. Everyone is so afraid of sinking the titanic Apple that they forgot the think that made Apple great. Apple created products that NO ONE had ever had the chance to touch, use, or sometimes even dream of before it showed up on the shelves. There it was…the new Apple device. It looked straight out of Star Trek. It made you happy to be alive in this time. The price didn’t matter because it was so unique.

That is now gone. Apple is over. Apple is slowly decomposing. They are not only “under achieving”, they are simply becoming embarrassingly uncool.

All you have do to realize this is true is visit China. Go to Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen. This is the home of everything for the iPhone and iPad. Every cool case you have seen was manufactured here. Every unlicensed color backplate, colored digitizer, and illegal copy was created here. Go visit Huaqiangbei and you will see that Apple is dying. They are discounting the cases…discounting the unlicensed parts…moving inventory out AND NOT REPLACING IT. Everything has moved to Samsung, TCL, Huawei, HTC, and China’s Xiaomi. There is no more buzz about Apple products. Chinese are trading them in by the millions to upgrade to a current phone. In a country where image is everything…Apple is now a liability instead of a credit to your image.

In China, they are laughing about the fingerprint scanner. Some people were saying they remembered it on Pentium II computers back in the 1990’s. Its not that old, but it is definitely ancient technology in today’s tech world.

Look all the way back to 2007 (six years is an eternity in the computer world), and the release of the Dell XPS M series of laptops. There it is….

The fingerprint scanner…

Anyone who knows Steve Jobs knows that this would NEVER happen under his watch. Yet the morons who live and die reporting on Apple products are singing its praises…

New Apple iPhone pushes biometrics ‘into the mainstream’

That one is from CBC news Canada…maybe that is why Canada is not in the technology mainstream. If you think biometrics is not in the mainstream, you are crazy. Every tech company uses it to lock doors in their buildings. Even McDonald’s restaurants have it for their doors to sensitive places. If that is not mainstream…I don’t know what is.

IPhone fingerprint scanner will start security revolution

Really? A revolution on a 6 year old tech product? No one is buying into that. The Android Lock Screen Pattern is light years ahead of the fingerprint scanner.

1) It doesn’t replace valuable screen space with a stupid scanner.
2) It works for people with sweaty hands, and work worn hands.
3) Its in your mind. People can steal fingerprints…they can’t steal patterns.

This is technology in reverse. The Screen Lock Pattern should be the technology that makes the fingerprint scanner obsolete…but some moron in Apple decided to revive this ancient technology and call it NEW.

This is NOT what Jobs would have done. Jobs was on a clear path.

1) Near field communication

2) Facial recognition

Why? Because it is social. It is dynamic. People can develop thousands of apps around it. It is a wide variety input mechanism. Now they have an ultra small scanner. What can you do with that????? nothing.

So if you have Apple stock….sell it. If you are an Apple distributor…find another company to license. Apple is officially dead. Yes they have lots of cash…but then again so did IBM. Have you seen what is happening to IBM lately?

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), whose $186.60 share price and 2.6 percent loss in 2013 combined to restrain the Dow Jones Industrial Average more than any other stock, is about to have its influence diluted.

The world’s biggest seller of computer services will see its proportion in the gauge cut to 7.9 percent from 9.4 percent when Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), Visa Inc. (V) and Nike Inc. (NKE) are added this month. Goldman and Visa, at $165.14 and $184.59, become the second- and third-most influential members of the Dow, which is weighted according to stock price rather than market value.

So this is the new Apple business plan. Ride the brand into the ground. 10 years maybe. Apple has a ton of goods in the market. They still have a loyal following in the US…but watch that to slip quickly away in 2014. The Apple iPhone 5S shows that Apple will not take chances with new technologies. They have become a risk averse relic. What made them great was gone.

Until now, I would never have agreed with the argument that Apple is Steve Jobs soul. That without Jobs, Apple could not exist. Time to admit my error….Steve Jobs is Apple. Apple cannot exist after Steve Jobs. What we see now is the Afterglow of the GREATEST GO OUT ON TOP SCHEME EVER!!!

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