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US Government Shutdown….Shows True Colors

The 2014 government shutdown is only hurting regular Americans. The rich and powerful are not feeling any pain….just the regular American worker.

Hundreds of thousands lost their jobs when the government shut down.

Now as the shutdown continues it is time for all Americans to witness who your representatives are really working for. We all know we are being ignored. Our cities and neighborhoods have not been upgraded since the last century. All of our taxes are pouring into special interest, large corporation pockets. But in case you didn’t know who really runs our government and who gets all our tax money……this shutdown is going to show you.

It’s simple. Whomever can get cash flowing to meet their special interest needs during the shutdown is the true power in America.

Whomever gets their contracts paid while the rest of us suffer is our true master and president. After all, if Obama was the true leader of our country, then all would suffer equally until funding was restored.


Defense contractors. Makers of bombs and guns. International black operations consultant killers. The military machine is our true boss and master.

Pentagon will order almost all furloughed civilian employees back to work

America will build bombs before it will feeds its children. America will fund foreign wars to destroy roads and bridges in other countries before it will fix roads and bridges in America. America will put its war consultants back to work before it puts social workers back to work.

In other words…..our leaders have more desire to fund death globally, then fund life domestically.


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