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With B52’s Flying over China, Obama Wins “Most Stupid President Award”

Many thought it impossible for Obama to break the record of stupid acts set by previous President George W. Bush, but this week the seemingly impossible has happened.

After further breaking the already broken healthcare system in America, Obama took a giant leap forward in stupidity by sending B52 bombers into China airspace.

No international support. No prior thought. No use of mental capacity in even the smallest dose. Just blindly sending military machines capable of holding nuclear weapons in their bomb bays within a few hundred miles of the Chinese coast.

For those idiots out there who still do not understand, let me give you mirror example to help you get the idiocy of this action.

China launches Chinese bombers from Cuba to fly around the Gulf of Mexico.

Got it now? Doesn’t anyone in this country remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? We just did exactly what Russia was attempting to do during the Kennedy Presidency. We violated the most potentially dangerous enemy’s sovereignty like it was a video game.

Obama endangered all ex-pats living in China, destabilized the Asian region to a level not seen since the Vietnam War, and insulted a government that has the ability to annihilate our country in a few minutes with their nuclear capacity. In a country where “saving face” means more than life, we challenged their self respect.

Do you really think this will be forgotten or go without retribution?

They have all kinds of plays on their table to retaliate.

1) Sale of all US government bonds making borrowing impossible for the federal reserve
2) Massive support and buildup in Cuba
3) Massive support and buildup in Venezuela.
4) Immediate arming of Iran with Nuclear weapons

OR they can simply laugh and continue their monetary policy of partnering with foreign nations in long term business contracts that exclude American business.

In any scenario, we are the biggest losers. Thanks Obama and congratulations on your new title as the most ignorant and damaging president in the history of our country.

You moron.


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