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Dear New York Times and Thomas L. Friedman

Dear Mr. Friedman,

Your recent op-ed (and mispelling of the name of the leader of China) is yet another glaring reason as to why The New York Times (and Bloomberg) should never be allowed in China. (BTW: Nice Head Shot)

I am an American living in China. For the last few years I have come to enjoy the full, unbiased coverage of world events that I see on CCTV in China every night. I have come to enjoy the fact that I do not have to endure fraudulent news sources like Fox News and The New York Times. It has become alarmingly obvious that your solution to the financial hardships you faced a decade ago was to change your news from honest unbiased journalism to being the mouthpiece of your corporate sponsors.

Congratulations on surviving as a business….BUT…to call yourselves a NEWS resource is so far from fact that it cannot be taken seriously.

China has a policy of “Our Country” which makes them much more docile and focused on the improvement of society than my United States. While we seek to expand our corporate influence in other countries through war, China seeks business partnerships. While we pour trillions into weapons of mass destruction, China pours trillions into infrastructure and institutions of national pride.

The best case in point is the landing of YuTo (Jade Rabbit) on the moon. As a nation we once had the right direction with our space program. It was a source of great national pride. We have since mothballed it and are hitching rides on Russian rockets.

Can you see the difference? Can you understand now how China and America ARE NOT intertwined in their futures? You are still stuck in the fraudulent history taught by our schools. China has been and will continue to move forward as a country with or without the United States. There is no co-mingling. No “intertwining” as you stated in your op-ed. To think this is true is to be blinded about the state of our Country’s decline.

Let me give you the greatest example from a Chinese perspective as to why American Media is not to be trusted. During WWII, this very month, Japanese soldiers in just a matter of a few weeks, committed genocide on a grand scale in China. They slaughtered over 300,000 Chinese in Nanjing. During the war they slaughtered millions. They have never apologized for this act, and we as Americans have never pressured them to do so.

We followed the German slaughter of the Jews. We ignored the Japanese slaughter of Chinese. To this day we still do not report on it. The closest thing to recognition came from Hollywood in the movie “Flowers of War”.

Germany apologized for their genocide and made payments to Israel for decades. Japan never made any reparations and to this day has still not apologized for their “Nazi-like” actions. As a major news outlet in America, The New York Times is partially to blame for this as you NEVER COVERED THIS TOPIC AND YOU CONTINUE TO IGNORE THE HORRENDOUS ACT AND YOU SIDE WITH JAPAN ON EVERY Sino-Japan ISSUE.

That is why you are not considered a real news source. That is why you are labeled as a corporate mouthpiece. That is why you are blocked by the Chinese Firewall.

Any Questions???

China is focused on China’s future. Maybe this is something that The New York Times should take to heart. Try to focus on America’s future. Try to write articles from all sides so America can repair its inability to govern itself.

Your focus on “Why China Hates The New York Times” is just sad and ignorant of the obvious.


Your Fellow American

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