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Keiichi Hayashi: The one man who should not comment on China

Keiichi Hayashi, Tokyo’s ambassador to London, has accused China of repeated attempts “to change the status quo by force or coercion” and claimed that one recent incident involving a Chinese destroyer in the East China Sea “might be regarded as an act of war”.

The role of ambassador from Japan has a history of lies and trepidation. He follows in the footsteps of Saburō Kurusu who is famous for his “30 minutes before the attack on Pearl Harbor notification of war to the American Government”.

Once an act such as this has been committed by the office of an Ambassador of a country, it can never be undone. Keiichi Hayashi is a representative of a fraudulent office. His words are meaningless. Only the actions of Japan matter as the office of the Ambassador of Japan means only lies. What are the actions? Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Visit to the Yosukuni Shrine Evokes History of War Crimes, Atrocities The Prime Minister of Japan prayed to those who killed and raped and dismembered people in the same fashion as the Jew Hunters in Nazi Germany.

Let me shed light on the lies that this so called Ambassador is spreading.

His statement of “As a liberal democracy that fully embraces human rights, Mr Hayashi writes, Japan has expressed “deep remorse and heartfelt apology” for the “tremendous suffering to the people of many countries” which it caused. But it has a long post-war track record of supporting peace efforts around the world, and had “been exercising utmost restraint” in the face of threats from China.” holds multiple blatant lies.

1) Japan has never apologized for war crimes against Korea and China. There has NEVER been an expression of deep remorse by the Japanese government. China and Korea have repeatedly requested this apology, but Japan is so obstinate that it has always refused. Imagine if Germany never apologized to the Jews. That is the exact picture of modern day Japan.

2) “As a liberal democracy that fully embraces human rights” is a laughable statement. This is a book in itself. Just look up “comfort women”, or look up Japan laws against women. You will find an abundance of evidence that Japan does not embrace women as equal…nor does it identify any other Asian race as equal.

八紘を掩うて宇と為さん “Hakkō wo ooute ie to nasan” is the proof that Japan is a culture of elitists. It has made itself to be without a significant military because it had a contract with the world’s most powerful military (The United States). It focused purely on capitalism with great success as it could put its complete GDP towards growth in business .

Now for the truly incredible statement…”China ‘risks playing the role of Lord Voldemort in Asia’, says Keiichi Hayashi”

Lord Voldemort? Really? Look in the mirror much.

I suggest the Daily Telegraph print this rebuttal to Mr. Hayashi’s statement:

Keiichi Hayashi, the modern mouthpiece of Sauron from the defeated country of Mordor has begun spilling the old lies of the hated empire. Middle Earth has enjoyed so many decades since the Necromancer days of the evil empire that we have forgotten the poison they spew.

Keiichi Hayashi has a secret mission. He is to make the countries of middle earth believe that Mordor once again deserves the right to build an army. Beware my brothers….they have already started building the machines of war. It is only a matter of time before Hakko_ichiu returns to wage war against our countries.

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