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The Daily Show : Can’t keep up with Fox News

Fox news is creating too much content for The Daily Show to handle. The bullshit is flowing too quickly from the mouths of the Fox News plastic faced actors (not really journalists), for The Daily Show to keep up!

Day after day. Show after show. Jon Stewart and his team of writers take clips from Fox News and rebroadcasts them as comedic content. They have been doing this since 1999.

It has been the easiest job on the planet. Fox News is a daily editorial of a controlled media that just spouts propaganda from its corporate sponsors. Fox News is the headstone for the death of factual news and the monstrous abomination that has evolved from after the death of factual news.

All the daily show has to do is cut the clips, add a one line commentary to the news story as it was broadcast by Fox News, and it becomes hilarious.

But this is not traditional humor. Not even traditional political humor. Here is an analogy of what The Daily Show is:

Imagine you are a dedicated Muslim believer.

Now create a show that takes the Al Queda videos that promote killing, beating, slavery, and torture, cut out clips of the most insane statements from them, and rebroadcast them as part of your comedy.


Imagine you are a dedicated Christian believer.

Now create a show that takes the videos made by priests while they sexually assaulted children, cut out clips of the most horrific acts and rebroadcast them with additional content as part of your comedy show.

Fox News has become so blatantly anti-human and insane in their commentary that the humor is beginning to get hard to swallow. Yes I still laugh at The Daily Show, and yes, the writing team are geniuses…….but the humor is getting more and more sickening by the day.

In this week’s broadcasts, Stewart showed clips of Fox news calling half of America “animals” because they are not rich. It showed clips of Fox News saying that the 50% of America that owns only 2.5% of the wealth of America is being spoiled and should be made to pay more money.

I find myself laughing and then getting sick to my stomach when I listen to the morons at Fox News. Then I laugh again when Stewart states the obvious truth about horrible statements.

The Daily Show is unlike any comedy in history. The humor derived from watching The Daily Show is an experience in “horror humor” that can only be created in times of extreme insanity within a society.

This is a time in which America is falling quickly from the dream of our founders to the corporate state that is destroying us. Thank you Mr. Stewart and the rest of The Daily show for documenting everyone at Fox News during their verbal rape of our country. While they cloud the minds of Americans to allow corporations to take everything of value to us, you document it in a format that will remain a part of history that is accessable and interesting to future generations.

When all this ends, you will be remembered as an “Oskar Schindler” and Fox News will be remembered as a “Joseph Goebbels”.

Itia (Abroad)


Steve Jobs : More Money Than God

Apple Computer’s latest cash figures have been compared to the cash on hand figures of the United States Government by the media over the past few days.

As of Wednesday, July 27, the balance sheet for the US Treasury dipped down to $73.768 billion. That compares to the $76.156 billion Apple has in its deep coffers — a difference of more than $2 billion.

I really think it is time to hear from Mr. Jobs! I am ready for one of his unique quotes to put a realistic, but sarcastic spin on it. In earlier years, Mr. Jobs was noted for some of his radical quotes including:

Bill Gates‘d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.


The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way, in the sense that they don’t think of original ideas, and they don’t bring much culture into their products.

Mr. Jobs also has a love for the Beatles.

It was 1966 when John Lennon leveraged his time in the public eye with the famous quote “We are more popular than Jesus”.

The whole message was : “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that; I’m right and I’ll be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first—rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

This iconic quote would fit so well with Jobs in his current success. Apple has more money than the US Government, and Jobs swims not only in that pool, but also in the Disney / Pixar pool of money.

So I would love to hear from his own lips: ” Hello, My name is Steve Jobs, and I have more money than god!”

Not bad for a kid from Reed College.

Itia (Abroad)

Good Morning “non raptured” Christians

Hello and welcome to a new day on planet Earth.  Some places will be warm and sunny today, other places will be cold and wet.  Just another day where nature is in charge and the superstitions of backwards thinking humans mean nothing.

In news today, look around for red faced people with frowns.  They are the Christians who did not get raptured today.  You should find them wandering aimlessly as they have no plans for the rest of their lives. (Oh, and if you hear some of them say that it is still not the end of the day, remind them that the day has ended in some part of the world unless their god is only god of their time zone.)

Over the past couple of years we have heard about the “hidden” Bible calendar that was recently deciphered.  Christians used it as proof that the Bible was the word of god.  After all, what book could have such and obvious calendar that remained undecipherable for two thousand years and then suddenly seem so obvious?

Thousands of Christians changed their entire life in anticipation of this day.  The famous website was one of the biggest promoters of this day of rapture.  They talked Christians into leaving their homes and traveling in caravans until the day of the lord came.  Chances are if you don’t visit their site today you will miss all their crazy predictions.  Here are some more sites that promoted this foolishness.

Kansas USA

We Can Know

May 21 2011

For real this time

Embedded Bible Secrets

Dateline Zero

E Bible Fellowship


I am really sorry that you are not in heaven today.  But then again if you did think that the rapture was going to happen and that the rest of us were going to burn in a lake of fire for all eternity…..then you are a real jerk.

Maybe the world would be a better place if you were raptured.  Hey, here is an idea.  Why don’t all the Christians build a giant “Ark spaceship” and blast it to the moon to wait for god there?  Then the rest of us who are concerned about our planet, concerned about the future of our species, and have evolved beyond the potential for foolish superstition, can move forward without having to deal with you crazies.

When it comes right down to the core facts, our world is not such a good place to live because of all the wars and violence.  Come to think of it, all the wars and violence going on today are due to fighting over which god is the best.  Christians, Jews and Muslims seem to be killing a lot of people in preparation for some weird sort of “end times” and “judgment day’ for our planet.  The craziest part about all the wars and arguments is that the Christians, Muslims and Jews all worship the same god.  They just gave him a different name for their own culture and told everyone that the other cultures were worshiping a fake god.

I really think the world would be a beautiful, peaceful, and wonderful place if it were devoid of religion.  Even if there were a god (which there is not) the world would be a better place without him.  So please….pray harder.  Get your god to come here and get you all off our planet.  Then we can get on with the evolution of our species.

Itia (Abroad)

Dafen : A jewel in the Shenzhen Crown

Dafen is in the outskirts of Shenzhen. It is close to a bustling factory town named Buji. I happen to live in Buji now and I visit Dafen often. I have also lived in the New York area and visited New York’s Greenwich Village or SoHo many many times. There is very little difference culturally between Dafen and New York’s art districts. If I wanted the Mona Lisa in New York I could get it from any of the art stores there. If I want it in Dafen, I could get it there too. The only difference in my opinion is that the artists in Dafen have far superior talent than the New York artists.

In addition to exact duplicates of art works, Dafen is also fantastic at placing you in the classic work of art. Dafen takes thousands of orders for classic pieces with the face of westerners who commissioned the painting replacing the faces of the original subjects.

When I went to New York’s art districts, I passed on the copies because the originals were what attracted my attention. The same is true with Dafen. The district is alive with creativity. It is alive with original thought. Each time I go I find myself fascinated by the portrayals of life and landscape. America is a country that is supposed to support and honor creativity and original thought. That is why it troubles me so much when I see the hate articles like the one from MSNBC.

American news outlets pressure the Chinese government to shut down beautiful artists colonies like Dafen

We should be praising China for allowing a district of such free thought to exist. Instead we insist on its closure due to a few extra Mona Lisa’s on the market.

On an interesting side note…..The greatest copying company ever to exist (Walmart) resides just on the outskirts of Dafen. No one is accusing them of copying. Why? They are the kings of “knock off” clothes, tools, sporting goods and food.

If you are visiting Shenzhen, be sure to visit Dafen before the US pressures China to close it down. Dafen is not about “Fake Art”. Dafen is about great art….original art….free speech art. Dafen will give you the best afternoon experiences available in Shenzhen.

Itia (Abroad)

IPad 2 : Thanks for the roller coaster ride Mr. Jobs

I am finally going to break down and buy my first Apple product. It was nearly 30 years ago when I first heard the names Jobs and Wozniak. Apple had been around for a couple of years and while I was learning my first lines of code in college their names came across the spoken geek grapevine. We didn’t even have bulletin boards back then. All we heard was that California was doing computing in a totally different way than we were in the heartland.

The name Apple never left my conscious mind after that point. Mr. Jobs made sure of that. Whether it was a quarrel with Microsoft, a notification of bragging rights to a new I/O or software feature, or simply the rumors that Mr. Jobs was fired or rehired. Mr. Jobs always seemed to stay in the news and in the lunch rooms of geek companies across the United States.

Over the years I became an adamant anti-Apple computer user. The apple was, in my mind, the tool of the graphic artist. Real businesses and capitalists used IBM and IBM clones running Microsoft software. Apple was not for number crunching and programming. Later in the 1990’s it was always the case that Apple had the faster processor, more RAM, and larger hard drives, but that didn’t matter to me. Even with the advent of the incredible G5 computer, I was still not about to leave the Microsoft camp. Believer it or not it was always about that damned absence of a left mouse click that kept me from ever trying a Mac. That all changed in 2007 when Jobs released the IPhone. Until that point there was only limited uses for tablets or smart phones. The Iphone was the gateway drug for the mobile computing society. Soon after the IPad came out and the whole world got to see a computer that was built with a completely intuitive interface system. This system supported I/O intuitively not only through smart hardware design, but also in software that SIMPLY WORKED, WORKED ALL THE TIME, and WORKED INCREDIBLY EASILY.

I never needed a mac to look cool. I never needed an iPod to listen to my music. The iPhone and the iPad are a different story. The apps for the iPhone make it nearly impossible for me to avoid owning it for my business and for my hobbies. The iPad is so incredibly easy to use and has a battery life that is longer than almost any flight I have ever flown. The touchscreen software has finally made the mouse obsolete.

Over the past 30 years I have been up and down with Apple. Never crossing the battle lines from my IBM / Microsoft centric computing, but always becoming very interested and then at the last moment finding a reason not to buy one. It was not for me that Mr. Jobs built the iPhone and iPad. These are his life’s work. These are the accumulation of 30 years of saying NO to following every other computer company out there. These are the last twists, loops and high speed dives into the Apple roller coaster that make me want to ride the ride.

Tomorrow is the day that the Ipad 2 comes out. I am finally going to ride the Apple roller coaster. I won’t be waiting in any line to buy it, but it definitely will be on my desk within the next 30 days. The iPhone is not far behind. Soon I will be using my Apple appliances daily and using my PC and laptop only in unusual circumstances (if at all).

Mr. Jobs you finally did it. All the dragons you swore you would slay are dead. All the statements of dominance and ingenuity have come true. If there was ever a skeptic to your boasts of grandeur it was me. Now I am soon to be one of your minions. Of all the “I told you so” scenarios in the history of the world, the story of Mr. Jobs and his little computer company have to be one for the ages.

Itia (Abroad)

American Airports : Culture Shock for International Travelers

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

You have just flown from Hong Kong. You are landing in Los Angeles. Maybe this is your first time to the United States. Get ready for culture shock. The America that you have heard about your whole life is simply not there.

You land at LAX in Tom Bradley International terminal. Congratulations this is as new and modern as it gets. Looking for restaurants? This terminal boasts a total of 7 of them in the main lobby. The food choices are fast food, fast food, or fast food. Shopping? Forget about it. You will only see snack food shops and convenience items. Services like massage, lounges, or even traveler assistance? No. All you will find is one small area to get a McDonalds burger or a sandwich in a plastic box.


You had seen maps like this one in Hong Kong while you surfed online via the free Wifi network. Believe me, this map photo is a typical Hollywood airbrush job. The airport is old, dingy, and dirty. So now you have left your plane and you either need to catch another plane or you have a while to stay. If you going to have to catch another plane, better hurry, LAX has no transportation between terminals. I always see foreigners walking around looking for the rail or tram that is in all the other global air terminals, or even the bus to take you to other terminals that can be found in all the 3rd world airports. No such luck. LAX is a “get there yourself” airport. You can always see the confused look on the international traveler as they cart their luggage to a terminal nearly a mile away.

International travelers are smart. They cannot find the train to get to the next terminal so they hop on their Ipad, Iphone, or laptop and look for the airport Wifi network. SORRY. LAX is too primitive to have a Wifi network for travelers. It is not even about wanting money. LAX does not even have a fee based network. The only network you can find is T-Mobile. Ironic how the only Internet connection available wirelessly in LAX is offered by a German phone company.

My second favorite story is about the International traveler who arrives in LAX at midnight and has a 6am connection to another part of the United States. SORRY the terminals close at 2am and open back up at 4am. Los Angeles has such a bad homeless problem that they decide to shut down the terminals for a few hours to discourage homeless from using the airport as a nightly shelter. The only area left open is the front lobby of the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Each night you will see a virtual United Nations of international travelers who have not learned how antiquated LAX is as an airport. They are huddled in the two carpeted areas (apposed to the stone floor) trying to keep warm and wait for the terminals to re-open. As a final “unintentional” screw you, the city has put up giant air conditioning vents just above these carpeted areas so the travelers have to bundle up against a wind tunnel of refrigerated air.

So maybe your lucky and you do not have to wait at the airport. Maybe you are going to a friends house or to a hotel near Disney Land. Get ready for culture shock. The cab ride that took you from the furthest areas of Hong Kong to the Hong Kong airport cost you between $10 to $30. You rode in a clean new cab with a friendly driver. Welcome to LAX. You will spend $30 in cab fare before you even get to the highway outside the airport. To get to the Disneyland park you will spend over $100 USD, and yes, the cab will be dirty and the driver will be obnoxious.

So welcome to America. LAX is a good representation of what you will find here now. Antiquated buildings, lack of services, 1970’s technologies as “the best we have to offer”, and of course many areas under construction that never seem to be completed. As an American I was always sure we had the best infrastructure, services, and amenities that the world had to offer. Now that I have traveled to points in Europe and Asia, I find that we are behind the times. Terribly behind the times. When I returned to visit, LAX was a culture shock for me, an American, as to just how old and broken America has become. I know how many people get their first glimpse of America as they land at LAX. I am embarrassed every time I think of it.

Time to rebuild. LAX is a junk pile from before the American age of excess. It is an American eyesore that needs to be fixed.

Itia (Abroad)

Blog Stats : Stick Figure Legs

September 4, 2010 1 comment

When I first started my blog, I was always looking for acceptance. I wanted that blog statistics chart to reach 1 reader each day. Later it was 5 readers, then 10 readers, then 25 readers, etc. I know the desire for ever increasing readership will never end. I don’t think the habit of creating a new benchmark will ever end either.

After a while of staring at statistics each day, I started to see little stick figure legs. Some of the legs I liked and some of the Legs I didn’t like. The first set of stick figure legs I noticed and loved were the “leaning left” stick figure legs and the “lift a leg : fire hydrant” stick figure legs.

blog statistics legsEvery blogger knows you have up and down days.  The Stick figure legs leaning left, and the stick figure lifting a leg mean that my blog is improving its ratings over time.   Love it!

Then there are the down times.   Some of your blogs have been picked up by distribution websites and others just lay there unnoticed.  Get a couple of the unnoticed ones and you may see the “stick figure legs leaning right” or the “stick figure legs running down a hill”

stick figure legs Yes these stick figure legs are a bummer, but they do help motivate me to improve my content.  They are not the worst legs though.   That title goes to “The Splits”

stick figure legs doing the splitsThe splits means you are going nowhere.   I hate the splits.  I would rather have the stick figure legs running downhill than to stare at blog statistics that tell me I am flat!   One of the reasons I hate the splits so much is that splits tend to group together.  This is the mother of all bad stick figure legs.  A chorus line of splits means that I have been walking through the desert of no improvement for quite some time.

stick figure legs chorus line of splitsSo that is my group of imaginary stick figure leg friends that run up and down all of my blog stats.   Happy Blogging!  May all your stats be “leaning left” or “lifting a leg” stick figure legs.