2014 The HAARETZ operating much like WWII Newspaper Der Stürmer

In 2014, it is dangerous to make a negative statement about Israel.

It is even more dangerous to write a negative statement about a former anchorman on a weekly Israeli Army Radio program about defense issues.

But the activities of Haaretz and Amos Harel require a rebuttle due to their extreme anti-social, bigoted, prejudice tone. When Israeli Newspaper Haaretz starts using military analysts to report with social commentary as a national standard of communication, then propaganda is the outcome…not NEWS!

In today’s January 8th article about Palestinians beating up Jewish citizens who are illegally living in occupied territory, the Haaretz propaganda machine is at full throttle.
The bigoted spin on the story shows the true face of the former victims of prejudiced actions against their society, who have now become the predators against another society.

Here is the published article:

Amos Harel Haaretz

The author of this propaganda is Amos Harel. His description of himself is “Amos Harel is one of Israel’s leading media experts on military and defense issues.”
The idea that he could write an unbiased article about a local, social event in occupied Palestine is a joke. The idea that Haaretz would publish it is sickening. Amos has seen autocracies committed by both Muslims and Jews. He works with military security and receives a 24 hour a day indoctrination in the correctness of Jewish ways and the horrible incorrectness of Muslim ways. He believes Palestinians are less than human. If he did not then there is no way he would be given the job as the anchorman on a weekly Army Radio program about defense issues from 1999-2005. The bottom line is that Amos Harel can give accurate advice on the abilities of the Israel military, but he can NEVER give accurate advice on violence or misunderstandings happening on a local basis in Palestine. Amos Harel is dedicated to the war machine. He knows nothing about social and ideological compromise.

Military Analyst not qualified for social commentary

So when the article stating :
‘Bad neighbors’ || Beating of Jewish settlers by Palestinians villagers likely to spark vigilant reprisal. The closer Netanyahu inches toward a peace treaty the more right-wing extremists will try to thwart progress through attacks on Palestinian villages. is published by Haaretz, it is perfectly clear that they have no journalistic integrity and are purposefully pumping anti-Palestinian propaganda in hopes of keeping foreign powers on the side of the jailer….not the side of the illegally jailed.

So Welcome to 2014…….full circle from 1943.

In 1943, the bigoted Jew Hunting Nazi’s used Der Sturmer to spread lies and twist truths. In 2014, the bigoted Palestinian hunting Jews use Haaretz to spread lies and twist truths. Amos Harel is just a spin doctor who hates Palestinians and seeks their destruction on a daily basis.

So the victims have become the perpetrators. Our world is sick.

NOTE: I wrote a comment to the article published in Haaretz.

I stated, If you occupy a foreign country, you are always open to justified attacks from those who want to self govern. It does not matter which country in the world you occupy. You are not welcome. You are not one of them. The actual low number of reprisals by Palestinians against Israel shows just how tough the iron fist is of the “nazi-like” control of Israel over Palestine. It also shows how the decades have eroded the society of Palestine. Israel will continue this policy until societal genocide occurs in Palestine. Until the Palestinians accept the servant role to Master Israel. Israel the “chosen people”…..sounds alot like the propaganda of Nazi Germany’s “master race”. Now the actions are looking eerily similiar.

The comment was not published in the list of comments. The newspaper is not an open forum. The country is not open to debate on their actions.

Itia (Abroad)


Keiichi Hayashi: The one man who should not comment on China

Keiichi Hayashi, Tokyo’s ambassador to London, has accused China of repeated attempts “to change the status quo by force or coercion” and claimed that one recent incident involving a Chinese destroyer in the East China Sea “might be regarded as an act of war”.

The role of ambassador from Japan has a history of lies and trepidation. He follows in the footsteps of Saburō Kurusu who is famous for his “30 minutes before the attack on Pearl Harbor notification of war to the American Government”.

Once an act such as this has been committed by the office of an Ambassador of a country, it can never be undone. Keiichi Hayashi is a representative of a fraudulent office. His words are meaningless. Only the actions of Japan matter as the office of the Ambassador of Japan means only lies. What are the actions? Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Visit to the Yosukuni Shrine Evokes History of War Crimes, Atrocities The Prime Minister of Japan prayed to those who killed and raped and dismembered people in the same fashion as the Jew Hunters in Nazi Germany.

Let me shed light on the lies that this so called Ambassador is spreading.

His statement of “As a liberal democracy that fully embraces human rights, Mr Hayashi writes, Japan has expressed “deep remorse and heartfelt apology” for the “tremendous suffering to the people of many countries” which it caused. But it has a long post-war track record of supporting peace efforts around the world, and had “been exercising utmost restraint” in the face of threats from China.” holds multiple blatant lies.

1) Japan has never apologized for war crimes against Korea and China. There has NEVER been an expression of deep remorse by the Japanese government. China and Korea have repeatedly requested this apology, but Japan is so obstinate that it has always refused. Imagine if Germany never apologized to the Jews. That is the exact picture of modern day Japan.

2) “As a liberal democracy that fully embraces human rights” is a laughable statement. This is a book in itself. Just look up “comfort women”, or look up Japan laws against women. You will find an abundance of evidence that Japan does not embrace women as equal…nor does it identify any other Asian race as equal.

八紘を掩うて宇と為さん “Hakkō wo ooute ie to nasan” is the proof that Japan is a culture of elitists. It has made itself to be without a significant military because it had a contract with the world’s most powerful military (The United States). It focused purely on capitalism with great success as it could put its complete GDP towards growth in business .

Now for the truly incredible statement…”China ‘risks playing the role of Lord Voldemort in Asia’, says Keiichi Hayashi”

Lord Voldemort? Really? Look in the mirror much.

I suggest the Daily Telegraph print this rebuttal to Mr. Hayashi’s statement:

Keiichi Hayashi, the modern mouthpiece of Sauron from the defeated country of Mordor has begun spilling the old lies of the hated empire. Middle Earth has enjoyed so many decades since the Necromancer days of the evil empire that we have forgotten the poison they spew.

Keiichi Hayashi has a secret mission. He is to make the countries of middle earth believe that Mordor once again deserves the right to build an army. Beware my brothers….they have already started building the machines of war. It is only a matter of time before Hakko_ichiu returns to wage war against our countries.

Itia (Abroad)

What is a Hero?

December 24, 2013 1 comment

You don’t have a clue.

Marketing is such and advanced science that it has changed the meanings of many of the most powerful words in the English language. Those words that have the power to create a revolution have been dulled down to meaningless expressions. Those words that make the capitalists more powerful, and those concerned for society more weak, have been made uber-important.

Cases in point of a negative phrase becoming powerful and a powerful word becoming meaningless….

Job Creator: A job creator is someone who is fortunate enough to have a business opportunity in which adding human resources will result in more earnings for their bank account. To give any credit to a “job creator” for creating jobs is like giving credit to a thug for selling crack on the streets. The only difference is the legality. Both are creating jobs for the same reason….their own wealth. But after a year of constant marketing, Fox news has created a mythology around those who hire help to increase their bank accounts. Our goal as a society is to move past the concept of a “job” and onto a concept of a “more perfect union”. Jobs are paid servants. Those who create jobs have paid servants. Why are you glorifying them?

Hero: Someone who consciously makes a choice to act on the behalf of the greater good instead of their own benefit. There is no way to become a hero being in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time. A hero is defined by action. Taking action alone or with a group to make a positive difference in society. If they act on behalf of America, then they are American Heroes.

Unfortunately, again, marketing has taken this word and has stripped it of all its meaning. Now to become a hero, you simply need to be in the World Trade Center when it collapses, or to join the military. When did this happen. When did the act of dying in an American disaster make you a hero? When did taking a paying job for with the military make you a hero?

We do have an American hero in 2013….but because our news system is totally biased towards supporting corporate America and does not give a damn about human America, this hero is being damned in the news every day.

Edward Snowden is an American Hero.

Corporate America will always recognize him as a traitor, but the society that benefits from his actions considers him a hero.

Eric Snowden American Hero

In his own words today ‘mission’s already accomplished’
, Edward Snowden can hold his head high for aiding the American public from being oppressed by Corporate America in the invasion of privacy and illegal acts by the NSA. You don’t need to succeed in your task to be a hero….just need to try. America loves heroes who are winners and Edward Snowden is definitely a winner in the battle against the evil NSA, but there is no chance to win the war.

While the NSA does damage control and the spy network regroups in a more “black ops” fashion, Edward Snowden’s act did little more than slow the ultimate control of all information by the NSA by a year. Add to that the fact that we now have corporate uber-masters running our prisons, our farms, our military and our government and you come to a very bleak conclusion that slavery is back and we are all back in chains.

No hope for the common man in America. Only a few will make it to the title of “slave driver” as a servant to the uber-masters. The rest of us have cubicles or mop handles as our lot in life.

Itia (Abroad)

Dear New York Times and Thomas L. Friedman

December 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Dear Mr. Friedman,

Your recent op-ed (and mispelling of the name of the leader of China) is yet another glaring reason as to why The New York Times (and Bloomberg) should never be allowed in China. (BTW: Nice Head Shot)

I am an American living in China. For the last few years I have come to enjoy the full, unbiased coverage of world events that I see on CCTV in China every night. I have come to enjoy the fact that I do not have to endure fraudulent news sources like Fox News and The New York Times. It has become alarmingly obvious that your solution to the financial hardships you faced a decade ago was to change your news from honest unbiased journalism to being the mouthpiece of your corporate sponsors.

Congratulations on surviving as a business….BUT…to call yourselves a NEWS resource is so far from fact that it cannot be taken seriously.

China has a policy of “Our Country” which makes them much more docile and focused on the improvement of society than my United States. While we seek to expand our corporate influence in other countries through war, China seeks business partnerships. While we pour trillions into weapons of mass destruction, China pours trillions into infrastructure and institutions of national pride.

The best case in point is the landing of YuTo (Jade Rabbit) on the moon. As a nation we once had the right direction with our space program. It was a source of great national pride. We have since mothballed it and are hitching rides on Russian rockets.

Can you see the difference? Can you understand now how China and America ARE NOT intertwined in their futures? You are still stuck in the fraudulent history taught by our schools. China has been and will continue to move forward as a country with or without the United States. There is no co-mingling. No “intertwining” as you stated in your op-ed. To think this is true is to be blinded about the state of our Country’s decline.

Let me give you the greatest example from a Chinese perspective as to why American Media is not to be trusted. During WWII, this very month, Japanese soldiers in just a matter of a few weeks, committed genocide on a grand scale in China. They slaughtered over 300,000 Chinese in Nanjing. During the war they slaughtered millions. They have never apologized for this act, and we as Americans have never pressured them to do so.

We followed the German slaughter of the Jews. We ignored the Japanese slaughter of Chinese. To this day we still do not report on it. The closest thing to recognition came from Hollywood in the movie “Flowers of War”.

Germany apologized for their genocide and made payments to Israel for decades. Japan never made any reparations and to this day has still not apologized for their “Nazi-like” actions. As a major news outlet in America, The New York Times is partially to blame for this as you NEVER COVERED THIS TOPIC AND YOU CONTINUE TO IGNORE THE HORRENDOUS ACT AND YOU SIDE WITH JAPAN ON EVERY Sino-Japan ISSUE.

That is why you are not considered a real news source. That is why you are labeled as a corporate mouthpiece. That is why you are blocked by the Chinese Firewall.

Any Questions???

China is focused on China’s future. Maybe this is something that The New York Times should take to heart. Try to focus on America’s future. Try to write articles from all sides so America can repair its inability to govern itself.

Your focus on “Why China Hates The New York Times” is just sad and ignorant of the obvious.


Your Fellow American

Is “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” becoming an oxymoron??

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It is becoming painfully clear that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is in danger of being considered biased and producing propaganda instead of peace.

Senior Associate Michael Swaine is sounding more like a right-wing fanatic Republican than a level headed independent in his recent quote by The Christian Science Monitor.

After all, a majority of elites in China prefer to strengthen the bilateral relationship with the United States rather than to pursue “hawkish,” hegemonic ambitions, according to a recent report from Michael Swaine, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

First of all….Mr. Swaine did not interview the majority of Chinese elite in creation of this statement.

Secondly, the word hegemonic is more likely to be used in corporate control of America than it is in the Politico rule over China. Making it one sided in reference to China is evidence that Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has a blind eye to the corruption and manipulation of the American people.

In further support of the second point, the idea of a bilateral relationship with America is a joke. America has only one type of relationship with foreign countries. COMPLETE DOMINANCE. There is no existing international relationship with the US that is not dominated financially or militarily.

It is unfortunate that through Mr. Swaine’s words, it is apparent that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is not able to consider events with both eyes open. They are treating America as if it were the Post WWII hero country that was rebuilding other countries instead of bombing them.

I seriously think that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace needs to rethink its one sided statements so it can be considered an engine for peace again instead of just a mouthpiece for the Corporate American Machine.


Caroline Kennedy undoes her fathers legacy in under 30 days

November 28, 2013 Leave a comment

On November 13th, 2013, Caroline Kennedy daughter of U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the US ambassador of Japan. In less than 30 days, her actions and words have shown that the apple does indeed fall far from the tree.

In an almost inconceivable month of activity, Caroline Kennedy has completely undone all the heroism that her father displayed during the Cuban Missile Crisis and brought shame on her family name.

It is not easy for me to speak so harshly against the daughter of such a great president, but the actions of Caroline Kennedy in this month cannot go undisclosed.

Blindly supporting the Japanese who caused the Asian holocaust of WWII

Blindly supporting the Japanese who caused the Asian holocaust of WWII

Lets review.

Firstly, Caroline Kennedy took a position that her father would never have accepted. Japan in an un-repentant holocaust causing nation. Their murder and rape of innocents in WWII. Americans don’t know the whole story because it it not taught in American Schools. You actually have to thank Hollywood for disclosing just a small part of the horrors that Japan imposed on foreign nations during that time. Few today know about the Bataan Death March even though it killed more people than died in 9/11. Even less knew about the bacterial warfare, rape-murder, and genocide that the Japanese commanders approved in China during WWII. Only recently in the film “flowers of war” did a little of the cruel hearted Japanese come to light.

We as Americans only know about the Nazi’s. Germany apologized for its lack of humanity during WWII. Japan did not! John F. Kennedy would never be an ambassador to Japan on the grounds of their cruel and inhumane society. She had to be educated on these facts before accepting the position. How is it that the daughter of a man who fought for human rights and equality is now siding with the predators who inflicted so much pain?

Lets move on to examine her actions since taking the post….

Caroline Kennedy has taken part in an excursion of US B52 bombers (with likely nuclear payloads) that fly into stated China airspace (Whether the airspace is valid or not is not the question. Rather the fact that we put nuclear ready war machines that close to the China mainland in direct assault to their national pride is the thing that is so offensive to the memory of John F. Kennedy) Exactly what her father called aggressive conduct. His statements were….

“The 1930’s taught us a clear lesson: aggressive conduct, if allowed to go unchecked and unchallenged ultimately leads to war. This nation is opposed to war. We are also true to our word. Our unswerving objective, therefore, must be to prevent the use of these missiles against this or any other country, and to secure their withdrawal or elimination from the Western Hemisphere.”

Now his daughter is present and in a position of authority when the United States does the exact same thing as Russia did in the Cuban Missile Crisis. She is playing the exact opposite role in that she is the ambassador of the offending nation that puts nuclear weapons in play against a foreign power. The fact that Japan is the furthest country away from the disputed islands seems to be over her head.

Caroline Kennedy wrong about disputed islands

Caroline Kennedy wrong about disputed islands

Now all that could be excused if it were not for her big mouth uttering what could be considered one of the most uneducated and ignorant statements in recent history about Sino-Japanese relations. She says…

“Unilateral actions like those taken by China…constitute an attempt to change the status quo in the East China Sea,”

Way to go Kennedy. You just unilaterally stated that the holocaust of Asia perpetrators deserve to have a status quo in the East China Sea, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN APOLOGIZED OR RECOGNIZED THE FACT THAT THEY KILLED AND RAPED MILLIONS IN CHINA.

Add to that the fact that the disputed islands are closest to Taiwan, then to China mainland, then to Japan.

You are geographically, historically, and ethically incorrect. You have shown that decedents of American heroes do not necessarily have the same sense of ethics or morality.

Its a good thing that the Chinese leadership is showing the cool heads and patience that your father displayed even though you are running your mouth off with ill-conceived quotes.


With B52’s Flying over China, Obama Wins “Most Stupid President Award”

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Many thought it impossible for Obama to break the record of stupid acts set by previous President George W. Bush, but this week the seemingly impossible has happened.

After further breaking the already broken healthcare system in America, Obama took a giant leap forward in stupidity by sending B52 bombers into China airspace.

No international support. No prior thought. No use of mental capacity in even the smallest dose. Just blindly sending military machines capable of holding nuclear weapons in their bomb bays within a few hundred miles of the Chinese coast.

For those idiots out there who still do not understand, let me give you mirror example to help you get the idiocy of this action.

China launches Chinese bombers from Cuba to fly around the Gulf of Mexico.

Got it now? Doesn’t anyone in this country remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? We just did exactly what Russia was attempting to do during the Kennedy Presidency. We violated the most potentially dangerous enemy’s sovereignty like it was a video game.

Obama endangered all ex-pats living in China, destabilized the Asian region to a level not seen since the Vietnam War, and insulted a government that has the ability to annihilate our country in a few minutes with their nuclear capacity. In a country where “saving face” means more than life, we challenged their self respect.

Do you really think this will be forgotten or go without retribution?

They have all kinds of plays on their table to retaliate.

1) Sale of all US government bonds making borrowing impossible for the federal reserve
2) Massive support and buildup in Cuba
3) Massive support and buildup in Venezuela.
4) Immediate arming of Iran with Nuclear weapons

OR they can simply laugh and continue their monetary policy of partnering with foreign nations in long term business contracts that exclude American business.

In any scenario, we are the biggest losers. Thanks Obama and congratulations on your new title as the most ignorant and damaging president in the history of our country.

You moron.