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New York Times List: People the future Chinese owners of the NYT should fire immediately

February 2, 2014 Leave a comment

The New York Times has long forgotten its role as a NEWSPAPER and has become a loudspeaker for some of the most incredibly stupid and tunnel-vision “reporters”. Actually, they are not reporters, they are just uniformed bloggers looking to fill space in a rag that no longer seeks real news.

The list of idiotic articles that the New York Times has published about China is almost endless. It screams of lack of editorial control and any sense of news “honor”. Actually, the New York Times, much like Haaretz, is looking more like Der Sturmer than what was once considered the free and responsible press of the United States.

I actually live in China. I can tell you first hand that the transformation of what was once considered a 3rd world country, to what is arguably the most wealthy and powerful country in the world, is nothing short of AMAZING. If this was America, we would all be patting ourselves on the back. But since this transformation of China is happening at the same time as the decay and total corruption of our great nation, our nations most powerful newspapers turn to propaganda to prop up our devastatingly bad national future.

Let me give you just two examples of how all of the “news stories” below are 100% mistaken.

1) Chun Mun is a 70 year old Hong Kong man. He lives in China because the growth of his investments and the value of his home are growing faster than anywhere else in the world. His home that he bought originally for less than $50,000 USD is now worth over $150,000. AND BY THE WAY, THE HOME IS TAX FREE FOR 70 YEARS!!!! He has full medical for only $80 per month, and he can actually dine out for about $10 per meal for quality food.

The borders of China are filled with people seeking to GET IN. How does that sit with the New York Times stories about “a bad life in china”?

2) Mr Xu is 40 years old. He has saved $150,000 USD just from putting $4,000 each year away in savings in a bank that paid him 4-6% interest per year. HE IS RETIRED. He owns his home (NO TAXES) and owns his car (NO TAXES) and enjoys life on just the interest from his savings account.

China’s banking system is free from the “Federal Reserve” and “American International Bankers” who want to pay less than 1% for your savings and then charge you fees on every little thing you do in your bank account.

A few more things.

A) The thought that you cannot speak out loud about anything you want is insane. I have had awesome discussions with Chinese about EVERY topic. No one is afraid to speak. If you read China’s blogs (Which no reporters from NYT actually do) then you would see that they have complete freedom of speech. The NYT reporters always confuse inciting public action against the government (Which our government also reacts harshly to….remember Waco Texas?), with freedom of speech which both governments support.

B) Chinese are not trapped in China. They can travel almost anywhere…except for the USA because our government is only interested in tourists with over $100,000 in their bank accounts. The funny thing is that there are so many Chinese with over $100,000 USD that they are becoming a powerful tourism force in the US with more and more visas being granted ever year. Unlike Americans, they can go to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and many other countries that black listed American tourists.

C) China is bent on polluting the world. This is crazy. Anyone who even thinks for one moment about the support of 1.3 billion people knows that China is working very hard on saving the environment. Compare their record to India in the last 5 years and you will see that they are not the same. India has no control over population, pollution, or corporate waste. China has cities with more electric vehicles than ALL OF AMERICA. China has more CLEAN public transportation than all the rest of the countries in the world PUT TOGETHER. The NYT reporters simply have no idea of the size of the population and the limited choices that China had in driving its country to its current greatness. The NYT reporters will slam china’s “one child policy” (that was recently changed) and in the same paper blast them on the pollution caused by their huge population.

So now you know a little more about China. The good news is that the market capitalization of the New York Times currently is only about 2 Billion USD. There are thousands of people in China who could purchase the paper individually and change it back to a real newspaper. I personally request that CCTV America purchase it and change the format to the GREAT NEWS COVERAGE OF CCTV. That would be a breath of fresh air for American who suffer from the crap published by NYT currently and broadcast by the likes of Fox News.

In an effort to help once you have purchased the paper, here is a short list of the ignorant reporters that you should fire immediately, and the articles that show their ignorance.

First lets start with firing THE EDITORIAL BOARD

Their article : United Against China : shows a complete ignorance of Asian politics. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considered by most in Asia to be a “Hitler wanna-be”. Even in his own country he is considered an extremist. To the rest of the countries in Asia WHO STILL REMEMBER THE MASS MURDER AND RAPE OF CIVILIANS BY THE JAPANESE ARMY, Abe is just a war loving leader who is trying to get approval to rebuild the racist Japanese army so they can devastate non-Japanese cultures again. And about this “high interest” 2 billion dollar loan. What a joke. China has invested more than that in South Sudan. To accept Japan’s pennies, when China is partnering for hundreds of billions, would be a huge mistake by the India Government. But then again, the India Government still thinks they are British so they might just be that stupid.

Next fire : HELEN GAO

What an ignorant title for an article : Back in China, Watching My Words First of all Helen, you have to know that Americans typically only read headlines. Your statement of “watching my words” will be misunderstood by the Americans to think you cannot speak freely to your friends and relatives. So your article talks about how your Grandmother thinks America is better than China. Did you tell her how many Chinese are returning to China and abandoning their jobs in America? Did you tell her how you ate processed food every day in America and how good her fish tasted? Way to mention carp. Are you trying to simply get readers in America to love you? The fish soups, sauteed fish, fried fish, and barbequed fish in China is SOOOOO much better than a McFish sandwich…and they cost about the same. Your life in China is better now than your life was in America. Admit it. You just write twisted articles so your editors at the NYT will accept your content. You can’t write the truth about China and get it published in the NYT. Face it…you are just prostituting yourself.

You cannot fire her, but bar her from adding any more content : KIM LEE

Abuse, Fear and Shame in China OH the ignorant editors of the New York Times loved this one.

Kim. You think that spousal abuse is not rampant in the US? You think that “In America, people don’t get away with this”? You are completely blind and blindly in love with America. America has just as much spousal abuse as China. American courts do NOT listen to wives of rich businessmen in America. Have you seen the Woody Allen Story? In America husbands get away with abuse, and sexual assault of their own children. I understand your anger at your situation, but your article is ignorant. By singling out China as an abusive country, you are turning your back on the women of the world who are suffering today. The New York Times took your sad, horrible story, and turned it in to propaganda against China. THEY USED YOU! You are just too stupid to realize when you are being used.

Another ignorant pawn of the NYT is ANDREW JACOBS….Fire him immediately.

His article China Appears Set to Force Times Reporter to Leave is a great example of the bully being referred to as the victim. One of our American problems is the abuse of “freedom of the press”. When the press has no integrity and they move to slander people in order to sell papers, you should no longer consider them “Press”. The New York Times is a rag that is sold to fearful people, paranoid people, and ignorant people. This article is about Austin Ramzy (Who also needs to be fired if he is still employed by the NYT). Austin is famous for his baseless slander of China. He thought he could be a habitual liar and live the high life in China without consequences. Sorry Austin. Go home and work for minimum wage and live in a crap apartment and eat fast food every day. Americans in China are GLAD you are leaving.

Next fire SHAOJIE HUANG for pure stupidity.

Her article Pet Owners Brace for Chinese New Year Fireworks, shows that the NYT is trolling the bottom of the ocean for stories that slander China. I live in China. I have a cat. I didn’t brace for the fireworks of the New Year. ShaoJie….you know that most apartment buildings are 20+ stories. Fireworks on the street do not bother our pets. The one night of brilliant fireworks is a wonderful sight to behold. I remember how sad I was when fireworks were outlawed in America. I remember driving 200 miles to the next state to buy them and bring them back illegally so I could celebrate the 4th of July. This is a freedom that Chinese have over Americans. Congratulations China. Shut up ShaJie.

OK…..the list is too long to complete….but let me add just one more.

In China, ‘Once the Villages Are Gone, the Culture Is Gone’

IAN JOHNSON is the definition of a person throwing stones in a glass house. Ian. We are America. We killed off 90% of our country’s “culture” as soon as we colonized the country. Where is American culture? Have you ever been to a Pow Wow? Have you ever even met a full blooded American Indian? China is spending hundreds of billions to preserve its culture. China is spending billions just trying to recover the treasures stolen by American Businessmen in the 1800’s. Face it….you are the LAST person who should be writing about destruction of culture since your country stole much of China’s ancient artifacts, and killed off its own indigenous people.

Like I said…the list of ignorant reporters at the New York Times is just too LONG. They need to be fired for their lies and ignorance. In closing let me offer my services to the new Chinese ownership of the New York Times in the near future to help you weed out all the prejudice and ignorance that is the NEW YORK TIMES.



Caroline Kennedy undoes her fathers legacy in under 30 days

November 28, 2013 Leave a comment

On November 13th, 2013, Caroline Kennedy daughter of U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the US ambassador of Japan. In less than 30 days, her actions and words have shown that the apple does indeed fall far from the tree.

In an almost inconceivable month of activity, Caroline Kennedy has completely undone all the heroism that her father displayed during the Cuban Missile Crisis and brought shame on her family name.

It is not easy for me to speak so harshly against the daughter of such a great president, but the actions of Caroline Kennedy in this month cannot go undisclosed.

Blindly supporting the Japanese who caused the Asian holocaust of WWII

Blindly supporting the Japanese who caused the Asian holocaust of WWII

Lets review.

Firstly, Caroline Kennedy took a position that her father would never have accepted. Japan in an un-repentant holocaust causing nation. Their murder and rape of innocents in WWII. Americans don’t know the whole story because it it not taught in American Schools. You actually have to thank Hollywood for disclosing just a small part of the horrors that Japan imposed on foreign nations during that time. Few today know about the Bataan Death March even though it killed more people than died in 9/11. Even less knew about the bacterial warfare, rape-murder, and genocide that the Japanese commanders approved in China during WWII. Only recently in the film “flowers of war” did a little of the cruel hearted Japanese come to light.

We as Americans only know about the Nazi’s. Germany apologized for its lack of humanity during WWII. Japan did not! John F. Kennedy would never be an ambassador to Japan on the grounds of their cruel and inhumane society. She had to be educated on these facts before accepting the position. How is it that the daughter of a man who fought for human rights and equality is now siding with the predators who inflicted so much pain?

Lets move on to examine her actions since taking the post….

Caroline Kennedy has taken part in an excursion of US B52 bombers (with likely nuclear payloads) that fly into stated China airspace (Whether the airspace is valid or not is not the question. Rather the fact that we put nuclear ready war machines that close to the China mainland in direct assault to their national pride is the thing that is so offensive to the memory of John F. Kennedy) Exactly what her father called aggressive conduct. His statements were….

“The 1930’s taught us a clear lesson: aggressive conduct, if allowed to go unchecked and unchallenged ultimately leads to war. This nation is opposed to war. We are also true to our word. Our unswerving objective, therefore, must be to prevent the use of these missiles against this or any other country, and to secure their withdrawal or elimination from the Western Hemisphere.”

Now his daughter is present and in a position of authority when the United States does the exact same thing as Russia did in the Cuban Missile Crisis. She is playing the exact opposite role in that she is the ambassador of the offending nation that puts nuclear weapons in play against a foreign power. The fact that Japan is the furthest country away from the disputed islands seems to be over her head.

Caroline Kennedy wrong about disputed islands

Caroline Kennedy wrong about disputed islands

Now all that could be excused if it were not for her big mouth uttering what could be considered one of the most uneducated and ignorant statements in recent history about Sino-Japanese relations. She says…

“Unilateral actions like those taken by China…constitute an attempt to change the status quo in the East China Sea,”

Way to go Kennedy. You just unilaterally stated that the holocaust of Asia perpetrators deserve to have a status quo in the East China Sea, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN APOLOGIZED OR RECOGNIZED THE FACT THAT THEY KILLED AND RAPED MILLIONS IN CHINA.

Add to that the fact that the disputed islands are closest to Taiwan, then to China mainland, then to Japan.

You are geographically, historically, and ethically incorrect. You have shown that decedents of American heroes do not necessarily have the same sense of ethics or morality.

Its a good thing that the Chinese leadership is showing the cool heads and patience that your father displayed even though you are running your mouth off with ill-conceived quotes.


The UN is now LEGALLY powerless per USA law

We all thought that George W. Bush and the Iraq war was an isolated event. We thought that the UN, the very Security Council that we set up, was still a viable entity towards world peace and a bright future for our world.

Then came Afghanistan. Again, George W. Bush violated all that was sacred in the trust between countries by forming a useless “coalition” of countries. The coalition was purchased by promises of commerce and wealth. That set the precedent that a group of countries could ignore the United Nations. They could bypass the Security Council votes and vetoes.

Then when George W. Bush left office and the GOP was defeated, we all believed that some sort of logic and sense could come back the world. The torturers were no longer in office. The ruthless captains of capitalism that threw all rules out the window in order to make a dollar were gone.Dick Cheney was no longer in any position of authority in Washington. Sure Halliburton had made trillions of dollars offshore. Sure the US economy was bankrupted. But now it was over….right?


US will make legal case for striking Syria without UN approval

New President. New Party. New international incident. Same stupid, moronic, idiotic, sadistic, war mongering response.

What is up with our “Yes we can change” President Barrack Obama?

When in history has a graduate of the Harvard School of Law decided to make a mockery of the United Nations precedent, let alone all the contracts the United States has signed with the United Nations?

When in history has a man who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize decided to launch an offensive against a foreign sovereign country?

Alfred Nobel (The man who created dynamite) and then created the peace prize would be burning in his grave if he knew Obama was going to start a war after receiving this prize.

Isaac Royall would stand up and demand the revocation of Obama’s Harvard Law Degree in light of this upcoming action by Obama to purposefully bypass the United Nations Charter and play God by starting a war.

It is all so unbelievable. The training of this man. The history that Barack Obama has had in his life. All the quality education and guidance. It all goes out the window this year. Barack Obama is going to start a war. Barack Obama is going to kill countless numbers of civilians. Barack Obama is going to continue the horror legacy of the United States playing God with the world and thinking that nothing bad will ever happen to our country.

This is our President?

America’s Newest War Monger
AKA George W. Bush II

This is the last straw for the United Nations. This is the final bastardization of an institution that was supposed to create lasting stability in the world. This is Barack Obama’s legacy…..the man who broke the back of the United Nations.

Why is Barack Obama doing this? Simple. China and Russia have vowed to veto aggression against the country of Syria. So America is leading the cry for war. Another war in the middle east. Another attack “just because we can”. Another 500 billion to 1 trillion in US dollars wasted.

Itia (Abroad)

Guns and Fireworks : America has it “ass backwards”

February 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Sitting in Shenzhen China for the Chinese New Years Celebration I was struck with the obvious truth about America and gun control. American laws are increasingly illogical. There is not one thread of logic in the reasoning of why guns are not controlled in the US, but in most states, fireworks are illegal.

I went to the market and saw the huge array of fireworks for sale in the local market.

People were spending tremendous sums of money. The fireworks here are just about the same price as in the US. People were dropping 10,000 rmb (about $1500 USD) each on fireworks that they were taking home. These fireworks are serious. Boxes the size of an office chair with 20 rounds of mortars in them that produce a display equal to the public displays we see in the US.

Then came new years. New years in China is a specific night, but the celebration lasts for weeks. On the eve of the new year, the firework displays started about 11:30. I was in a town outside of Shenzhen. The town has about 2 million people. At 30 minutes before the new year, they started going off. It was the most amazing thing to see. Imagine 100+ fireworks shows equal to anything you see in the US, going on in 360 degrees displays around you. Every color, every sound, every size, whistles, streams of light, and the huge blooms of mortars. It lasted until about one hour after midnight. A full hour an a half of the most spectacular show on earth, and it was just one of thousands of cities in China with the same display of beauty.

Yes, China has some beautiful public fireworks displays. After all, they are the masters of this art.

But what is important to remember is that this is a “freedom” that is not allowed in the US. These non-leathal commodities are sold in China to everyone. How is it possible that a country like ours (USA) can call ourselves a free country when we cannot even have the authority to make our own decisions about fireworks????

That brings us back to guns and gun control. In the US now, we are spending huge amounts of money on both sides of the gun control issue. We are buying ads trying to convince people of our point of view.

We are out marching with signs and holding rallies to push our opinion on others.

But aren’t we missing the point? The government has already regulated fireworks. Fireworks are made of the raw material that makes guns work. How can you ban fireworks and leave guns untouched? Do you really think that our forefathers thought that our laws should look this way? Do you really think that they would support fireworks bans and leave guns untouched?

Stop this insanity. Stop bitching about the problems on the surface and lets get to the core. American laws are ass backwards. American freedoms are now lower that the freedoms that Chinese people enjoy. Stop kidding yourself that we are the “most free country on the planet” or that we are “the model of freedom for the world”. What a joke.

itia (Abroad)

Self-immolation : The Eternal Shame of the Dalai Lama

February 14, 2013 Leave a comment

100th Tibetan self-immolates in China, advocacy groups say

Self-immolation differs from suicide bombing only in that it takes only one life instead of many. What they have in common is insane leadership that condones the end of a life in “sacrifice to a deity or cause”

So why is it that we Americans are appauled at suicide bombing, but somehow “understand” self-imolation?

The bottom line is that this so-called religious “leader” Lhamo Dondrub (AKA Dalai Lama) is OK with his followers setting themselves on fire. He claims to be saddened by the deaths, but nothing is further from the truth. Logic determines that is you have the power to stop an evil event and you do not act, then you are guilty of that event. Mr. Dondrub could stop all of this killing with one word but he does not. He bathes in the glory of his power over people. He worships his own ability to end human life.

If Donrub was the Dalai Lama he would not allow his people to suffer this fate.

Religious Leader lets 100 of his followers burn themselves to death in his honor.

Religious Leader lets 100 of his followers burn themselves to death in his honor.

If you do not think that the Dalai Lama is a political game player, then just look at his comments about this horrible act.

Now, the reality is that if I say something positive, then the Chinese immediately blame me. If I say something negative, then the family members of those people feel very sad. They sacrificed their own life. It is not easy. So I do not want to create some kind of impression that this is wrong.

Really Lhamo? (Better known as LAME-O) All you have to think about is how the Chinese Government will react? How about the mentally insane person who just ended their life in your name? Don’t you have ANYTHING to say about them? How about “Wow…that was really stupid”.

As a society we need to end these horrible religions. Whether it is Tibetan monks who believe that having hundreds of people watch them burn alive is a responsible act…or…if it is a Muslim Imam telling his followers to blow themselves up in public.

I want peace. I want everyone to be responsible for their own lives. You don’t get a second chance. This marketing by these horrible religions to tell you that you can throw away this life because the next one is better is just BS. Every death of every religious zealot is a horrible event because they are so wrong. They just end the one gift of life. They don’t get a second chance. Whether it is a pile of ashes, or human meat scattered across a wide area from a body bomb, it is all the same.

So one again, Lhamo Dondrub’s lie (AKA Dalai Lama): The Dalai Lama, who fled to India in 1959 after a failed uprising, has long denied China’s assertion that he’s seeking Tibetan independence. He says he wants only enough autonomy to protect its traditional Buddhist culture.

What he really wants is rule of his own country.

And the truth of the situation: Beijing rejects accusations of oppression, saying that under its rule, living standards have greatly improved for the Tibetan people. It makes centuries-old historical claims on the region.

Tibet is part of China. Always has been and always will be.

Lets end this religious craziness all around the world. No religion….no wars. No Religion….no slavery.

Itia (Abroad)

Eric Schmidt : Covering His Tracks With “The New Digital Age”

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google has just released a book trying to cover his tracks on how he took the most dominant company on the Internet and let it start a downward slide with two major miscalculations. In two of the most notable “oops” of this century, Eric Schmidt:

1) Allowed direct e-commerce to slip right through his fingers. His belief that ebay was the dominant selling platform on the internet and that Amazon would never be a danger to the direct search algorithms are blunders on a gigantic scale, but they pale in comparison to…

2) Thinking that China was a lesser market that did not deserve equal treatment with the American market. Eric Schmidt’s decision to treat the governments of China and the United States differently….effectively ignoring the disclosure requests of the Chinese government (The same disclosures he had just given to the United States Government), is the single most damaging decision to Google in its history.

To understand why Mr. Schmidt is acting this way, all you need to do is look at his history. Look at his activities with Novel that took it from the giant of networking to “unimportant” just about the time he jumped ship to Google.

From 1997 to 2001, he was Chief Executive Officer of Novell. From 2001 to 2011, he served as the CEO of Google.

By 1999, Novell had lost its dominant market position, and was continually being out-marketed by Microsoft, which gained access to corporate data centers by bypassing technical staff and selling directly to corporate executives.

He joined Google in 2001 and rode the astronomical rise of the machine that Brin and Page invented. He should go down in history as one of the luckiest people on the planet. From a simple software engineer who Early in his career, co-authored the lex analysis software program for the Unix computer operating system, to ride the wave of Novell, then the wave of Google is just amazing luck. But just as in Novell, he has made critical errors in judgement about market trends. Yes he is seen as a “visionary”, but his vision is limited to the hard data of the near future. He is well advised. He has more insider information that anyone else in any industry. So YES, naturally he is a visionary compared to the rest of us…..but that is where it ends. When business decisions go beyond the hard facts of inside information, Eric Schmidt fails. Such is the case with the complete underestimation of Amazon….and such is the case with the lack of respect for China.

While most readers are familiar with the criticism of Google wikipedia page that describes how Google infringed on Internet user’s rights in China, I am taking the opposite objection. Google cooperated with the American government, but did not give the same respect to the Chinese government.

America has alot of misconceptions about China. But the one thing that is not excusable to miss is the fact that this group of 1.3 billion people represent the single largest marketplace for growth on the planet. That is what Eric Schmidt missed. This is what he is trying to cover in his new book, “The New Digital Age”

The bottom line is that Google has lost the race to win the search dominance in China. has taken this title. They are poised to become the dominant search engine and dominant internet revenue winner in the near future. If you doubt it, just take a look at these facts and realize what Eric Schmidt has fumbled away.

1) China is now the 2nd largest GDP country on the planet and will pass America by 2020.
2) China is the largest market for automobiles on the planet.
3) China consumes twice as much meat at the US.
4) China produces and consumes the most gold in the world
5) China buys and drinks the most beer on the planet.
6) China is the worlds largest consumer of energy.

As far as the Internet sector, no where else in the world is there such vibrant growth.

As CNET reports: China has Asia’s–perhaps even the world’s–liveliest and most comprehensive e-commerce sector, where pretty much anything can be bought online, and specialist online shopping sites exist for things like only food, baby-wear, handbags, etc. Revenue in China’s e-commerce sector amounts to 1.76 trillion RMB (US$278.89 billion) at present, and grew by 25.8 percent from the previous year; the plan set forth by authorities is for that to hit 2.8 trillion RMB ($443.68 billion) by 2015.

So what Should Eric Schmidt have done to win this market? Simple. Just look at how Alibaba did it. They remained nimble. The separated their business segments as soon as they became powerful. This way the Chinese Government could not scorn their entire brand for one bad decision by the CEO.

Alibaba is also Taobao and Tmall. Together Taobao and Tmall Top 1 Trillion RMB ($159 Billion) in Sales So Far This Year

So what would I do if I was Eric Schmidt and was single handedly responsible for missing the two largest opportunities in Internet History? (Missing the boat with Novell which should have owned the entire internet infrastructure / network operating code, and missing the boat with the largest internet economy on the planet) I would write a book called , “The New Digital Age” and say how tough and unfair the Chinese government was to me.

Itia (abroad)

New York Times : Hack Reporter Edward Wong : No wonder they are censored

January 19, 2013 Leave a comment

If you thought it was a unusually harsh move by the Chinese Government to block access to the New York Times, then all you have to do to understand their point of view is to look at the hack reporting by writers like Eward Wong.

Mr. Wong wrote and obviously bias commentary titled ” In China, Widening Discontent Among the Communist Party Faithful

The New York Times published it as : News Analysis

What a load of crap. Analysis???? There is no analysis in this article about discontent with the party leadership. All of the statements on this article are about the dawn of environmental awareness and education in the Chinese society. It has nothing to do with the leadership in the form of “discontent”, but rather with the demand for changes in reporting on pollution and improving the environment.

China has 1.3 billion people. They have environmental problems that are beyond the scope of anything we have seen here in the US, but even though we only have 1/3 of their population, we rank 2nd, right behind them in pollution.

The Chinese are doing more to solve the problem than any other country on the planet. Their subway systems, high speed rail systems, electric taxis and buses, are all movements in the right direction. They are investing exponentially more money than the USA in environmentally conscious infrastructure improvements.

The idea that this pollution issue is at the heart of any revolt in China is ludicrous. The only thing that Chinese are upset about concerning their government is corruption. This is the focus of the past two governments (10 year appointments), and it will continue to be the focus as the amount of cash flowing through the country is unprecedented in human history.

The bottom line about the state of any nation is the amount of growth it is experiencing, how that growth is being shared with the majority of society, and how long the country has been able to sustain it. If a society is experiencing a depression, then its residents become audibly confrontational with the government. If a society is lacking food, shelter or general health, then it becomes revolutionary. But as long as growth and distribution of wealth is happening, then the society will never be able to organize against the government.

When you look at GDP growth, distribution of wealth, and length of financial prosperity, China has an AMAZING track record.

First look at the GDP since 1952.

Now Compare that to the US.

Just from these two graphs, you can understand why the Chinese society is very patriotic and supportive of their country and why the US is seeing the great success of Fox News and other organizations promoting social unrest. The Chinese society is riding a wave of prosperity and the US society is locked in fear and loathing.

Next, you will hear reporters like Edward Wong tell you that the Chinese are rioting about the lack of distribution of wealth to the people. Again, this is an utter lie. Look at the facts.

Look at the distribution of the GDP in China vs. the GDP in the USA. China is putting 12 times more of its GDP into the hands of the workers than the USA.

No wonder our society is angry with our corporations in the US who are hoarding all the money.

No wonder why we are all angry with our US representation in government.

No wonder The New York Times has people like Edward Wong writing lies to try to make the US look better.

No wonder the Chinese have a standard response to the US in all international negotiations currently, “Why don’t you fix your own problems instead of inventing problems for China”.

AND FINALLY, No wonder why the Chinese Government blocked The New York Times (and all its lies) from the Chinese people.

I am not saying I agree with censorship or limiting free speech, but I can definitely understand the frustration of