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Drop Dropbox before Condoleezza Rice Gets You!

The idea of adding Condoleezza Rice to the board of Dropbox has got to be one of the worst ideas ever! To give examples of how stupid it is, imagine adding Bin Laden to the board of United Airlines. Imagine adding Tamerlan Tsarnaev as an honorary director of the New York Marathon. It just makes no sense.

Condoleeza Rice is a known criminal who’s actions against the rights of Americans is unprecidented in the history of our nation. The idea that she is on the board of a company that holds confidential information of millions of Americans is crazy, scary, and isane.

Condoleezza spys on your Dropbox account

Drew Houston, the CEO and founder of Dropbox, just showed his true face. He is NOT a protector of American individual rights. He is NOT a protector of American privacy. He is an advocate of the NSA.  Dropbox is NO DIFFERENT than the NSA CUBA TWITTER project.

Show the idiot Drew Houston that you don’t agree with him hiring spies and criminals to his board. Show your disgust by simply closing your dropbox account. There are dozens of free services JUST LIKE DROPBOX. There is nothing special about Dropbox other than it is now run by NSA operatives like Ms. Rice. Google, Yahoo, and many others offer the service for free. IN FACT, DROPBOX is not even the top provider anymore. Their size restrictions are some of the lowest in the industry for free storage. Check out these links to see the better free cloud storage solutions.

Dropbox needs to be taught a lesson about what it means to be a responsible cloud storage solution provider.

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