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Devyani Khobragade : Not a crisis….just a criminal

January 11, 2014 Leave a comment


What an embarrassing country. The gang rapists, the dysfunctional government, the honor murders, the out of control birth rate, and the utter disdain for the poor. How can anyone have pride as an Indian?

Even the Olympic team is dysfunctional. They can’t even participate in the Olympics as a country because they have too inept of leadership. Look at the list of countries participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics and you will see how low the operational capacity of India is in this world.

Don’t take my word for it…..listen to an Indian who knows about India’s incompetence. Shiva Keshavan, a luger in the upcoming games, called the association’s refusal to expedite the vote “sad and pathetic.”

Now comes the issue of the human trafficker Devyani Khobragade.

Devyani Khobragade
If you search Google for the image of Devyani Khobragade, you will find it is all India based media. If you search for stories, again….it is all India based media. The Hindustan Times today had the headline , “The last few hours of the Khobragade crisis” Crisis? Really? No crisis for America. Khobragade is just another criminal. We have a warrant out for her arrest. The Indian government makes rich people “above the law” so they granted her immunity and called her back to India.
Well in America, even the rich go to jail for human trafficking. If Khobragade ever steps foot in America or any other country with an extraditing treaty with America, we will put her in jail where she belongs.
That’s it. No big deal. India’s corruption and inept governance is known world-wide. We would not expect anything different than protection of criminals who are guilty of crimes against humanity to be covered up by the India Government.
Now you say America need to remove one of its ambassadors? Hahahahaha Gladly. The American Embassy in India is just a party house to do billion dollar trade deals with the uber-wealthy in India. There is no real political ambition at our embassy. We know the culture of India is broken and cannot be fixed by an embassy of our great country. We know that India has a few individuals who do 90% of the business in India. If you think the rape of your natural resources ended with the departure of the British you are sadly mistaken. Now instead of a foreign power sucking the life blood of your country, you now have your own wealthy countrymen sucking the blood from India. They are still at the negotiating table with our government. They are still selling your natural resources for pennies on the dollar. They are still keeping all the revenue for themselves while their countrymen starve. They sit in their billion dollar estates while their countrymen wallow in the waste of a country with no real management.
How embarrassing. How pathetic. How worthless a country. Take your criminal and hide her in the arms of the wealthy. Better yet, marry her off to an Indian husband who can legally beat her on a daily basis.

Well that’s enough time spent on the useless nation of India.

Itia (abroad)


Russian Adoptions : Blind opinion by Natalia Kolesnikova

December 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Natalia, Natalia, Natalia,

Reuters employes you to be a reporter. Why are you acting like a blogging opinion page writer?

Your article “Big bad Vlad” was published in the US by NEW YORK DAILY NEWS (opinion section)

The heartfelt, but misguided statement by Natalia was “Outlawing adoptions by Americans will only hurt Russian children”. This ignored the fact that America is the number one customer of human trafficking globally. It also ignores the fact that human beings are a vital and valuable natural resource of the country where they are born. Yes, the United States is a wonderful place, filled with some of the brightest and best minds from other countries around the world. But look again at what America is doing with that talent. Look again at what the countries who gave birth to those people have lost.

The idea that everyone is better off in America needs to be stopped. America has become a military, industrial complex with continued wars and unbridled corporate greed. Other countries on our planet have become much better places for young, bright minds to work to improve the human condition. America is a great experiment. It had the greatest generation ever, and now is on track for the worst generation ever (Baby boomers). Baby Boomers, with their desire to buy slave built goods, underage sex slaves, and international “orphans”, shows the extent to which our country has fallen from its previous greatness.

The bottom line is that international adoption is human trafficking wrapped in a warm new baby blanked and swimming in hundred dollar bills.

If you are interested in stopping the practice of buying babies from less wealthy families and countries, then you can learn alot more in the following links:

Child Laundering: How the Intercountry Adoption System Legitimizes and Incentivizes the Practices of Buying, Trafficking, Kidnapping, and Stealing Children

International Adoption or Child Trafficking?

International Adoption’s Trafficking Problem

Child Trafficking: Crimes of the International Adoption Industry

So when Natalia spouts “The strongman’s newest law is pure revenge.”, referring to Putin being in favor of stopping the flow of international adoptions in his country, you know it is an uneducated statement.

Natalia….of all the things you can bring up against Putin and his efforts to hold on to power in Russia, this has to be one of the weakest examples. Putin is acting in his country’s best interest on this deal. That may not sit well with some of the couples wanting to adopt, but international adoptions are bad for everyone.

Itia (Abroad)

Human Trafficking and American Media.

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Letter from Itia

Human Trafficking. It is the new term to replace old term, slavery.  America was the center of the slave trade and now is the center of Human Trafficking.

Americans never really solve problems. They simply announce victory over a problem and then give the problem a new name if it comes back. A good example of this is President Bush’s announcement of victory in Iraq. After that day the term insurgents replaced combatants. I can almost hear the court arguments in my head.

“You are being tried as an insurgent, which has the same consequences as a spy because we decided to claim victory of the invasion of your country. No, your not a soldier anymore. Once we claimed victory you became an unauthorized fighter against the American way and we can keep you in prison without a trial forever.”

If you think that America has a conscience, look again. Abu Ghraib? The false flag attack of 9/11? The secret prisons in almost every country in the world? There is little difference between the United States and North Korea. The walls are the same. The blind worship of leaders is the same. Even the refusal to give any credence to the wisdom of all the other countries of the world is the same. Americans truly believe that they are head and shoulders above every other nation. Statistics, quality of life, and other indicators of the complete collapse of the American society are ignored. They have been replaced by delusions of grandeur.

We are #1. True. We are the number 1 killers of other human beings in the world. We are the number 1 exporter of poisonous gasses and other ecologically damaging chemicals, tools of warfare, weapons of mass destruction, and superstition. We are the number 1 buyers and sellers of human beings. Lastly, we are the #1 country of imprisoning its own people for non-violent offenses. Its really quite insane to think we are #1 at anything worthwhile.

Ouch, that was harsh.  Leaders are supposed to be held to a higher standard.  All of these statements are widely held, but unspoken truths.  I just brought them all together on one canvas because truth is accumulative.

Help, I am Itia