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SodaStream: How to fight this racist company

January 31, 2014 Leave a comment

SodaStream is an ILLEGAL company.

It is building soda machines in occupied Palestine. To make their factory, they kicked Palestinians out of their homes, plowed them down with a bulldozer and then built a wall around it to keep the Palestinians out.

Sure it employs Palestinians now, they cost less than Jewish labor. Cheap, prison labor has been used for centuries by occupying countries. I call it prison labor because it is an occupied people who are kept in poverty purposefully.

There are many activists lobbying against SodaStream now and I applaud them.

6 Things You Buy That Help Support Israeli Brutality



Go buy SodaStream. Mark up the box a little. Then return it. The one sure way to kill a company is to give it excessive returns. Big Box stores all have contracts with suppliers to take back (for a fee) or pay for the liquidation of the product.

If we bought up all the inventory of SodaStream and then returned it to the stores with slightly damaged packaging that prevents it from being resold…..then we show our true power as consumers. SodaStream loses 100% of the revenue and actually loses money on each one we buy and return to the store. So stop picketing and start working to put this company out of business for good.

Go buy and return a SodaStream product today.

Itia Abroad


Scarlett Johansson Chooses Money Over Humanity

January 31, 2014 Leave a comment

It may have surprised some when Johansson chose to step down as Oxfam ambassador. It seems so natural that the daughter of Karsten Johansson, a Danish-born architect, would follow in the footsteps of the Denmark people and push for liberalization and equality in the world.

But there is reason not to be surprised.

There are some cultures that dominate others. Some cultures infect the family like a disease, all but crushing the open minded views of the more liberal cultures. Scarlett Johansson’s blood is mixed with Ashkenazi Jewish blood. This all but kills the quiet, considerate and moderate tendencies of the Denmark culture. Even though she has the face of a Danish woman, the Ashkenazi Jewish blood in her makes her act in the Jewish tradition of dominance, separatism, and “chosen race” syndrome.

Some sources place Ashkenazi as making up approximately 83–85 percent of Jews worldwide. This makes them 100% responsible for the “concentration camp” they have created from a once thriving Palestine.

Scarlett Johansson made the stereotypical Jewish decision to ignore her responsibilities with Oxfam and turn her back on those who Oxfam reaches out to in exchange for cash paid by SodaStream. SodaStream is a company who’s manufacturing facility is in Palestine, ILLEGALLY, and in poor taste. Of course she backs the occupation of Palestine. She is a Jew who backs the belief that all of Palestine belongs to Israel and that the Palestinians should either leave or die. Who cares what the world believes. Who cares what is right.

Part of this blame falls on Oxfam. Shame on them for hiring a Jewish representative. That is like hiring a Nazi to speak out about crimes against humanity. Obviously they were tricked by her Danish looking face and did not do their research into her family history. Scarlett Johansson is part of the “chosen race”. She believes herself to be above everyone else. That is why it is so easy for her to turn her back on her previous responsibilities to Oxfam and back an ILLEGAL company like SodaStream.

Scarlett Johansson SodaStream

The message from Oxfam is simple and clear. Israel is a harsh, cruel master of Palestine.

20 years of missed opportunity has undermined progress on Israel-Palestine peace and left millions trapped in poverty

Scarlett Johansson simply chose to lie to Oxfam when she became their representative. In her heart she knew that she cared nothing for the suffering of the Palestinians.


America’s Incredible Blunders in Egypt 2013

From our news reports to our President’s decisions, America is a blundering fool of a country during the current happenings in Egypt.

Where does the ignorance come from? When will it stop? When will our country start thinking and reacting to events in foreign countries as if they were happening now in the United States.

Lets start with the ousting of Mohamed Morsy. It was never reported in the United States news that it is widely held in Egypt that Morsy was a CIA operative. It was never reported that he issued visa’s to many of the “most wanted” terrorist leaders and known combatants of militant Muslim groups to enter into Egypt and be safe under his leadership.

Remember, for 3 years, from 1982 to 1985, Morsy lived and attended school in California. How is it that a US trained college professor goes on to lead a historically violent extreme branch of Islam? Think about it.

Why? Why is it that our news reports only reported that some college students overthrew the government of Egypt? The truth is that Egyptians voted for Morsy only to find out that he was never acting in the interests of Egypt, but only in the interest of the American government and Muslim extremists….which for some reason are allies when it comes to the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt has been working diligently to clean up the mess that Morsy and his US puppet masters had created in the Sinai Peninsula.

Members of terrorist cell arrested in Sinai

Majority of terrorists in Sinai arrested: source

In the last days of his presidency, Morsy tried to fire Minister of Defense Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. What most American’s don’t know about the Egyptian Military is that it is exactly what the American Military WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. The are first and foremost the defenders of Egypt and all Egyptian citizens. They are the “keepers of freedom”. When the people stood up and exposed Morsy as a fraud, a puppet of foreign powers, and an Islamic extremist who was claiming ultimate power in Egypt…the Egyptian Military told him he had to leave. When he did not leave, they removed him in what will go down as one of the least violent overthowing of a country’s leader in all of history.

el-Sisi is the spirit of Egypt.

One of the great stories to come out of this string of events was the response that Morsy got from the general he told to replace Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. That general said “Mr. President, you are not my boss….General el-Sisi is my boss, and I follow his orders”. Imagine if we had a military in the United States that was a defender of America and not a puppet to corporate interests. Wow…what a great country we would be. How fast would George Bush (and now Obama) been put out of office?

So now move on to after the ouster of Morsy. The Egyptian military was faced with the EXACT same situation as the US government during the “occupy wallstreet” movement. The Egyptian Military acted almost the same way as the US government, with one exception. When the Egyptian Military came in to move the protestors away from the police stations and mosques, the Egyptian Military was fired on from rooftops and alleyways surrounding the protest. Under that situation, the Egyptian Military acted EXACTLY like the US government in that they returned fire and dispersed the crowd.

Yes people died. Yes there was violence…..but the US news reports and the Office of The President of the United States only reported the violence and not the circumstances surrounding the violence.

Where the HELL does the New York Times get the headline : Blood and Chaos Prevail in Egypt, Testing Control These fights are very isolated and the Muslim Brotherhood has all but lost its footing in Egypt. Its only allies now are the US news media and President Obama. Anyone who believes that there is Chaos in Egypt is a certified moron.

Now move on to the incredible ignorance of our current President.

Mr. Obama, the man who was supposed to create change in our country, but who has only worked to further the insane Bush policies, has blundered on Egypt to the tune of Trillions of US dollars.

Obama’s ‘incoherent’ policy comes under increasing fire
In a move that will cost our country an incredible amount of money, Obama threatened to cancel the 1.3 Billion dollars a year in aid. Then he canceled a joint military exercise.

Its time for your education on this “aid package” and the ignorance of our current president. The 1.3 Billion dollar aid package has two stipulations that are critical and no one in America seems to know or understand them.

1) The money is not humanitarian aid….the money is to buy spare parts for US made military machines, guns, aircraft, bombs, etc. The joke in Egypt is that America gives 1.3 Billion in money to buy items and then charges 100 times the value of the part. In other words the $10,000 screw driver part sold by Halliburton is not lost on the Egyptian people.

2) The money is based on a promise by the Egyptian government to not allow their military to exceed 600,000 people in strength. In other words….the whole world knows that this money is being paid to “keep Israel safe”. That is why it has not AND will not be cancelled. We are the puppets of our Jewish masters. They will not allow us to cancel this aid as it will cause them fearful nights if their Egyptian neighbor has an army of more than 600,000 people. Even funnier is that Egypt has a militarized police force of over a million people. They got around the contract by simply creating a branch of the police force that has full military training and is fully equipped as a “tactical police force”, but can be changed to regular military deployment in less than 24 hours.

What American and Obama don’t realize is that Egypt is the key to the middle east. They are the most free and most patriotic country in the area. When America threatened to cancel the 1.3 billion dollar support package to the Egyptian military….the Middle East jumped to their support.

Just after the announcement by the US government that we were considering the cut…

Saudi Arabia gives Egypt $5 billion in aid Saudi Arabia approved a $5 billion aid package to Egypt on Tuesday comprising a $2 billion central bank deposit, $2 billion in energy products, and $1 billion in cash, the Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf told Reuters.

The aid comes after the Egyptian army overthrew President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt showered with Gulf billions in show of support for army Gulf states showered Cairo with $8 billion in aid on Tuesday, showing their support for the Egyptian army’s move to push the Muslim Brotherhood from power, a day after troops killed dozens of the movement’s supporters.

So lets move to the bottom line. America has poorly assessed, ignorantly reported, and moronically responded to the events in Egypt since Morsy was ousted as an illegitimate and dangerous religious zealot. President Obama has publicly decried the movement of the Egyptian People both times and now has put the hammer down do close all business relations with a company that just got a 10 billion dollar injection of capital to buy military goods and services (let alone the ongoing revenue generated by the countries economy to support the military). So where is all that money going to go now that Obama has turned an ally into an X-friend????

Say hello to Mr. Putin!

Vladimir Putin to visit Cairo in support of General Sisi

Egypt: Obama Out, Putin In, Bye Bye America UPDATED (with Contributor comments)

Welcome to the New Russia. Putin is stepping in to tell Egypt that there is no need to have the US as an ally. The US is history. Now Egypt will buy all its military equipment from Russia.

For those of you who don’t remember….(that is all of you)….Putin came to Egypt in 2005 to try to get the business. Unfortunately for him President Hosni Mubarak was under contract with the United States.

Now he is returning to Egypt with the same business pitch. Buy From Russia! Only this time Obama has made the Contract with Egypt null and void. That is why our idiot President has cost our country a Trillion dollars. What was once a monopoly for US interests is now decidedly turned against us. How bad has it become? Just look at the pictures they are posting in Egypt now….

Really…..I want to know….Where is the President we elected. Who replaced him with this idiot?

Itia (Abroad)

So after

Global Chain of Command

America is the global military superpower. Our industrial military complex has been growing uncontrolled by the citizens of our country for decades. It is scary enough that my country, who lost its ability to self govern a long time ago, desires to engage in foreign wars at the drop of a hat. What terrifies me is that even our illegitimate leaders are not in control of our military. Our Government is the puppet of Israel. We do exactly what they request….even when it goes against our own treaties, United Nations rules, and even the public opinion of our own country.

Let me prove this to you by easy to understand examples:

1) We have lost our ability to self govern. This is the age of marketing. Our government is elected by cash. Cash spent on marketing. Our government is 100% operated by the puppets of corporations.

Proof: If people are elected by public opinion (democracy), then the following facts about the 2012 elections are IMPOSSIBLE.

A) Congress approval rating is 15%. This means that in a general election, ALL of Congress would be replaced.

B) In the 2012 elections, 91% of all Congress members running for office were re-elected.


1) While the United Nations is in debate over Palestinians’ request for UN membership, the US has already announced their decision to veto. But the over two thirds of Americans who are neither Jewish nor Evangelical should consider saying yes.

2) The whole world has come to the conclusion that the Israel settlements are illegal. The European Union attempted to make a small statement against the settlements in requiring all products shipped to the EU from those settlements be labeled as such. (In actuality, the whole world should embargo anything created in those settlements). Our own John Kerry, is the messenger who delivered the ultimatum to the EU. “DO WHAT ISRAEL SAYS OR WE WILL STAND AGAINST YOU”. Of course, the news reported it as “helping to negotiate peace in the middle east” WHAT A JOKE. That is like saying “Let Hitler keep killing Jews during World War 2 as a way to encourage peace in Europe”.

So there you have it. America has lost its place in history as the source of democratic governance, and has given up common sense international diplomacy in exchange for making demands according to the will of the Israeli Government.


I dream of the old America. Land of the free….protector of the weak.

Itia (Abroad)

Its Official: Israel Is A Rogue State

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

The United Nations has finally broken the US blockade against negative press towards Israel. The nations of the world have FINALLY stepped up to the microphone, camera, and media to state the obvious….Israel is acting as a Rogue State.

They join the ranks of Iran and Syria in the public opinion that they are a state who’s existence threatens the global society.

A new UN report states: Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas ‘illegal’ They have issued a demand that “Israel must, in compliance with article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, cease all settlement activities without preconditions”. In addition it recommends that Israel “must immediately initiate a process of withdrawal of all settlers from the Occupied Palestinian Territories”.

This is the very reason why Israel and the United States tried so desperately to keep Palestine from being recognized in the United Nations. It is amazing that they have succeeded so long, but now the propaganda game is up. The whole world is being told about the Nazi activities of the Israel State. (Nazi being a general term for a Pariah State that abuses human rights to a level that is not acceptable to any civilized nation). The evidence now has numerical values as to the toll of human suffering that Israel has inflicted. The key points of the report are as follows:

The establishment of the settlements in the West Bank including East Jerusalem is described by the report as “a mesh of construction and infrastructure leading to a creeping annexation that prevents the establishment of a contiguous and viable Palestinian State and undermines the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination”.

Israelis and Palestinians are subject to discrimination and inequality before law, with different laws applying to them in the same areas, the report says. While Israelis in are subject to Israeli domestic law enforced by the police and courts in Israel, a “patchwork of Israeli military orders and Ottoman, British and Jordanian legislation” is applied to Palestinians through a military court system.

Since the beginning of the occupation over 700,000 Palestinians, including children, have been held in Israeli military detention, many in prisons located within Israel, the report said. It is estimated that in 2012, about 4100 Palestinians were in Israeli military detention, of which 143 were aged between 16 and 18 years, and 21 were below 16 years old.

The Mission also reported the continuing cases of violence by settlers against native Palestinians, including “physical assaults on the person, the use of knives, axes, clubs and other improvised weapons, as well as shootings and throwing Molotov cocktails”. Between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2012, Israeli settlers injured 147 Palestinians, including 34 children. Settler attacks on schools and harassment of children on their way to school is showing an upward trend since 2010, the report said.

One of the primary source of livelihood for the Palestinian farmers is olives. To harass and hurt this valuable asset, Israeli settlers often target the olive trees. From 2005 to 2012 Yesh Din, a local NGO, monitored 162 investigations into vandalism against Palestinian trees with only one investigation leading to an indictment. Figures for 2012 (until mid-October) show that during this period over 7,500 trees were damaged or destroyed by settlers.

The Mission also reported the wide spread policy of the Israelis to prevent Palestinians from going to their mosques or practicing holy rituals.

Since the beginning of the occupation, Palestinians have seen over a million dunums of their land seized (1 dunum = 1000 square meters), the report said. In particular, land has been lost through seizure for military needs, absentee property laws, and declarations of State lands


Israel has responded with the continuation of the expansion growth rate as shown below:

In an additional Nazi move, Netanyahu makes the broad general statment that ANY criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism. When the leader of any state makes the inference that any negative opinion is a crime against the state, then you are 100% sure you have a Nazi regime and a Rogue State.

But the final nail in Netanyahu’s Pariah State coffin is the voice of his own people: 60 Percent Of Israelis Say Settlements Should Be Removed, Survey Reports

The international society is moving against Israel’s anti-human rights is just starting. Look for the inclusion of Israel in future lists published by the United Nations concerning Rogue and Pariah States.

Israel and the United States are both in the same boat. They have sections of their government who are ignoring the will of the people. America is suffering through 10+ years of unwanted and unsupported wars. We are suffering under the added debt load of trillions of dollars spent on military conquests that add nothing to our society. The people of Israel are suffering through similar poor decisions by their government. They live under a net of security and an environment of fear that leads only to the insanity of the society itself. America has seen the greatest threat to its societal harmony over the past 10 years. Our media and propaganda statements from our government have created laws and rules in our society that are based on fear and ignorance. We have lost our golden age of advancement. We are now in the dark ages of superstition and fear.

In America, our society has realized that we must wait until the deaths of all the Baby Boomers before we can start our advancement again. In Israel, the citizens should realize the same truth. Nothing can happen until your older generation dies away. Until then we all live under extremist and fear mongering leadership.

Itia (abroad)

Netanyahu : The Pot That Called The Kettle Black

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment

We all know that Benyamin Netanyahu is the spokesperson for Israel now, and also the “supreme leader”. What Americans do not understand about Israel and Palestine,and the whole Middle East area … EVERYTHING.

Netanyahu today said, “Iran Puts Zealotry Above Survival” and “Iran’s leaders are guided by “unbelievable fanaticism.”

Netanyahu said that critics who argue that taking action against Iran’s nuclear program was “a lot worse” than a nuclear-armed Tehran, or that an Iran with nuclear weapons would stabilize the Middle East, “have set a new standard for human stupidity.”

Welcome to hypocrisy 101. There are two glaring errors in Netanyahu’s opions.

1) The historical and current actions of Israel are IDENTICAL to the actions of the Arab world.

2) The idea that the Jews and Christians can eternally keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of Muslims is just as stupid as saying we could keep them out of the hands of North Korea. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. It is not IF, but WHEN the Muslims will have nuclear weapons. If history has taught us anything, it is that anything that is invented will be copied.

So the FANATIC response of Netanyahu is identical to the rhetoric of the Muslim world. Why? Simple. Netanyahu follows the religious cult of Judaism. He believes that he is doing gods will….killing for god…torturing for god.

As Americans we need to take a good look at what a “church state” looks like. Israel, Iran, Iraq, and many more fanatic countries in the world are run by a cult. If we let the Christian cult take power in our country we will have the same war-loving culture…..wait….my mistake…we are already in a church state. We are already sending Americans to die and kill in the name of a mythical god.

Now take a look at sanity. Listen to the words of wisdom and peace.

“It would be my greatest sadness to see Zionists (Jews) do to Palestinian Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews.”
― Albert Einstein

“Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs… Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Now take a look at the words coming from the Jewish Government in Israel:

One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” — Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994

[The Palestinians are] beasts walking on two legs.” Menahim Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts”. New Statesman, 25 June 1982.

“There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed.” Golda Maier Israeli Prime Minister June 15, 1969

“We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.” Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

If you think for one moment that Israel is not willing to use nuclear weapons with the same ease as Iran….you are mistaken. The whole of the Middle East is just one big sandbox with a bunch of spoiled little superstitious boys fighting to be king of the sandbox.

What the HELL is America doing there? You get one guess. Don’t Know? Ask Lieberman

Itia (Abroad)

Israel Army Runs Over American With Bulldozer and Denies Responsibility.

The Jewish courts in Israel are now becoming a mirror of the Volksgerichtshof.

Let me introduce a 23 year old American girl named Rachel Aliene Corrie.

Rachel was run over by a Jewish Army bulldozer when she was in Palestine. She was protesting the event where the Jewish Army was bulldozing houses in Palestine.

Had Rachel been in China, the Chinese Army would have stopped the tank. Had Rachel been in any other country on the planet, the driver of the bulldozer would have stopped before crushing her. But not Israel. Not a Jewish soldier. After all, she was not Jewish…she was worth nothing to that Jewish soldier.

So Rachel was murdered, intentionally, by the Jewish military. America did nothing. It is one of the great ironies of our world today. A democratic nation that backs every criminal act of a fascist nation. (Israel does have voting, but just like Nazi Germany, only the votes of the white Jews count, and only white Jews can hold office)

Move forward to the day when Rachel’s parents foolishly sought justice in an Israel court. They should have realized that they are not asking a democratic government for justice. The Jewish court acted as it always has…..nation first, nothing else matters.

Judge Oded Gershon said the death was a “regrettable accident” and invoked a clause that absolved the army because the incident had happened during a war-time situation.

Two very important things about that verdict.
1) The Jewish military is automatically absolved of any crime during war time.
2) Israel has ALWAYS been at war.

This means that the Jewish government has given the green light for civilian murder, rape, and torture to the Israeli Army. The Army has taken full advantage of this immunity and has piled up record that would make the Gestapo blush. This is exactly how the Nazi court “Volksgerichtshof” reacted to anyone who filed complaints against the Gestapo.

Showing his utter distain for everything non-jewish, Judge Gershon (Herr Gershon) made an inference that Americans are not capable of even the most common of mental responses. “”She did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done,” he told a packed courtroom.” This is salt in the wound that every American should hear and understand that we are backing an incredibly evil and self serving nation.

This is complete insanity. We are suffering in our economy and we are still supporting these fascists???

Wake Up!

Itia (abroad)