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Drop Dropbox before Condoleezza Rice Gets You!

The idea of adding Condoleezza Rice to the board of Dropbox has got to be one of the worst ideas ever! To give examples of how stupid it is, imagine adding Bin Laden to the board of United Airlines. Imagine adding Tamerlan Tsarnaev as an honorary director of the New York Marathon. It just makes no sense.

Condoleeza Rice is a known criminal who’s actions against the rights of Americans is unprecidented in the history of our nation. The idea that she is on the board of a company that holds confidential information of millions of Americans is crazy, scary, and isane.

Condoleezza spys on your Dropbox account

Drew Houston, the CEO and founder of Dropbox, just showed his true face. He is NOT a protector of American individual rights. He is NOT a protector of American privacy. He is an advocate of the NSA.  Dropbox is NO DIFFERENT than the NSA CUBA TWITTER project.

Show the idiot Drew Houston that you don’t agree with him hiring spies and criminals to his board. Show your disgust by simply closing your dropbox account. There are dozens of free services JUST LIKE DROPBOX. There is nothing special about Dropbox other than it is now run by NSA operatives like Ms. Rice. Google, Yahoo, and many others offer the service for free. IN FACT, DROPBOX is not even the top provider anymore. Their size restrictions are some of the lowest in the industry for free storage. Check out these links to see the better free cloud storage solutions.

Dropbox needs to be taught a lesson about what it means to be a responsible cloud storage solution provider.

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What is a Hero?

December 24, 2013 1 comment

You don’t have a clue.

Marketing is such and advanced science that it has changed the meanings of many of the most powerful words in the English language. Those words that have the power to create a revolution have been dulled down to meaningless expressions. Those words that make the capitalists more powerful, and those concerned for society more weak, have been made uber-important.

Cases in point of a negative phrase becoming powerful and a powerful word becoming meaningless….

Job Creator: A job creator is someone who is fortunate enough to have a business opportunity in which adding human resources will result in more earnings for their bank account. To give any credit to a “job creator” for creating jobs is like giving credit to a thug for selling crack on the streets. The only difference is the legality. Both are creating jobs for the same reason….their own wealth. But after a year of constant marketing, Fox news has created a mythology around those who hire help to increase their bank accounts. Our goal as a society is to move past the concept of a “job” and onto a concept of a “more perfect union”. Jobs are paid servants. Those who create jobs have paid servants. Why are you glorifying them?

Hero: Someone who consciously makes a choice to act on the behalf of the greater good instead of their own benefit. There is no way to become a hero being in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time. A hero is defined by action. Taking action alone or with a group to make a positive difference in society. If they act on behalf of America, then they are American Heroes.

Unfortunately, again, marketing has taken this word and has stripped it of all its meaning. Now to become a hero, you simply need to be in the World Trade Center when it collapses, or to join the military. When did this happen. When did the act of dying in an American disaster make you a hero? When did taking a paying job for with the military make you a hero?

We do have an American hero in 2013….but because our news system is totally biased towards supporting corporate America and does not give a damn about human America, this hero is being damned in the news every day.

Edward Snowden is an American Hero.

Corporate America will always recognize him as a traitor, but the society that benefits from his actions considers him a hero.

Eric Snowden American Hero

In his own words today ‘mission’s already accomplished’
, Edward Snowden can hold his head high for aiding the American public from being oppressed by Corporate America in the invasion of privacy and illegal acts by the NSA. You don’t need to succeed in your task to be a hero….just need to try. America loves heroes who are winners and Edward Snowden is definitely a winner in the battle against the evil NSA, but there is no chance to win the war.

While the NSA does damage control and the spy network regroups in a more “black ops” fashion, Edward Snowden’s act did little more than slow the ultimate control of all information by the NSA by a year. Add to that the fact that we now have corporate uber-masters running our prisons, our farms, our military and our government and you come to a very bleak conclusion that slavery is back and we are all back in chains.

No hope for the common man in America. Only a few will make it to the title of “slave driver” as a servant to the uber-masters. The rest of us have cubicles or mop handles as our lot in life.

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Whistleblowing ILLEGAL in the United States

August 21, 2013 1 comment

Urgent message to all those who are considering exposing illegal activities in our United States Government.

1) You will be put in jail. (Obama is lying to our face when he says he will protect whistleblowers. He is the main advocate of jailing anyone who speaks out against corruption or illegal activities by our government)

2) The activity you expose will not stop. It will not slow down. It will not change one iota.

Whether you think Pfc. Bradley Manning is a hero or a traitor, one thing cannot be denied. Pfc. Bradley Manning exposed illegal, immoral, and un-American activities by our government. He did not sell them to a foreign power. He did not seek to give our enemies aid. He simply published documents that showed the levels of our government’s corruption.

The basis for Whistleblowing is the exposure of these EXACT activities. Our laws state that if you expose illegal activities , YOU ARE PROTECTED.

That is the lie. That is what was just proven by the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Manning Sentenced to 35 Years for a Pivotal Leak of U.S. Files (He got 35 years in prison for exposing our government)

CNN explains it perfectly: (CNN) — Pfc. Bradley Manning is one of the biggest whistle-blowers in U.S. history, and his case is one of the Obama administration’s unprecedented seven prosecutions against national security and intelligence whistleblowers. His disclosures to WikiLeaks revealed war crimes and torture — topics that are surely in the public’s interest to know.

So the last 16 years of American history include a President named George Bush who bankrupted our country financially, and a President named Barack Obama who has bankrupted our country morally.

That brings us to caution #2 for all “would-be” Whistleblowers. Your actions will not change a thing. If the NSA corporation (please don’t ever think of the NSA as a government office….it is a corporation for illegal accumulation of data on every single American citizen.) is ever found to have broken the law, they ignore the authority they were created under. No judge, no Congress, no President, or other elected official has any power over the NSA. It is a private organization, run to benefit a few select corporate leaders (bankers) who rule our country from behind the curtain.

The crimes discovered by Pfc. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden were already known by our government and Federal Judges BEFORE the leaks happened.

A federal judge sharply rebuked the National Security Agency in 2011 for gathering and storing tens of thousands of Americans’ e-mails each year as it hunted for terrorists and other legitimate foreign targets, according to the top secret court ruling, which was made public on Wednesday.

So when the Judge determined their activities were Unconstitutional, what happened???? NOTHING. NOTHING CHANGED. If anything they increased their illegal activities.

So welcome to 2013 in an America where Illegal government activities are sanctioned and promoted by our President. Where Federal Judges have no authority over our “secret police NSA”. Where our last rights as citizens of the United States have been taken away, and where Whistleblowers go to jail for opening their mouths.

If you know an NSA employee…..become their friend…..they are the future Nazi SS of our country. They will have more power in the near future than you can imagine. Whatever you do….don’t tell them they are criminals…..they will have you arrested.

Itia (Abroad)

Bolivia President and Snowden : Morales Grounded and Detained

The days of sovereignty are over. The United States has officially ended any power or benefit given to a sovereign country’s leader. We have officially taken steps to become the global dictators and if China was not in our way….we would have done it already.

Make no mistake…the people running the United States are not the representatives of the US people, and the people working for our government are doing so only for the money, or a twisted sense of patriotism that has been bashed into their heads.

If you want to know which countries are now official puppets of the United States Corporatocracy, simply watch the news to see which countries act against their own sovereign interests and do the bidding of the USA bosses for no logical reason whatsoever.

Example in case: Austria “US PUPPET”

Austria forced an airplane with the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, on it to land. This plan was not showing aggression to Austria, nor was it militarized in any way. He was just flying over the Austrian air space.

How is it that a leader of a country can be forced to land in a foreign country without any provocation?

This is Evo Morales. This is THE representative of Bolivia. He was basically arrested by the Austrian military because there was a 1% chance that Snowden was on the plane.

Bolivia angered by search of president’s plane, no sign of Snowden

Snowden has exposed the hate crimes and invasion of privacy that is done on a daily basis by our corrupted government. Now he is one man standing against the wealth and corruption of the US government. The NSA will take all steps, both legal and illegal, to kill him.

So why did the Austrian government do such a horrible thing that is a slap in the face of every UN treaty on sovereignty? Because the the Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future of Austria, are not really political parties…..they are puppets placed in power by the current American bosses. Austria has no real government. They are slaves to American corporations. This is the darkest hour for Austria since WWII. The citizens of Austria should be ashamed of their government. They have been sold a lie by marketing. The marketing machine of the US government is out of control and is taking on the voting process of every Democratic country in the world. One by one the governments are being shaped into puppet governments of those in power behind the facade government of the US.

Keep watching to see what other countries have become US puppets. Watch as countries break their own laws to benefit corporations and secret agencies in America. Then you will know that they have fallen too.

Goodbye Austria. Your short Democratic life was beautiful. Now you are a slave to a foreign power.

Itia (abroad)

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