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New York Times List: People the future Chinese owners of the NYT should fire immediately

February 2, 2014 Leave a comment

The New York Times has long forgotten its role as a NEWSPAPER and has become a loudspeaker for some of the most incredibly stupid and tunnel-vision “reporters”. Actually, they are not reporters, they are just uniformed bloggers looking to fill space in a rag that no longer seeks real news.

The list of idiotic articles that the New York Times has published about China is almost endless. It screams of lack of editorial control and any sense of news “honor”. Actually, the New York Times, much like Haaretz, is looking more like Der Sturmer than what was once considered the free and responsible press of the United States.

I actually live in China. I can tell you first hand that the transformation of what was once considered a 3rd world country, to what is arguably the most wealthy and powerful country in the world, is nothing short of AMAZING. If this was America, we would all be patting ourselves on the back. But since this transformation of China is happening at the same time as the decay and total corruption of our great nation, our nations most powerful newspapers turn to propaganda to prop up our devastatingly bad national future.

Let me give you just two examples of how all of the “news stories” below are 100% mistaken.

1) Chun Mun is a 70 year old Hong Kong man. He lives in China because the growth of his investments and the value of his home are growing faster than anywhere else in the world. His home that he bought originally for less than $50,000 USD is now worth over $150,000. AND BY THE WAY, THE HOME IS TAX FREE FOR 70 YEARS!!!! He has full medical for only $80 per month, and he can actually dine out for about $10 per meal for quality food.

The borders of China are filled with people seeking to GET IN. How does that sit with the New York Times stories about “a bad life in china”?

2) Mr Xu is 40 years old. He has saved $150,000 USD just from putting $4,000 each year away in savings in a bank that paid him 4-6% interest per year. HE IS RETIRED. He owns his home (NO TAXES) and owns his car (NO TAXES) and enjoys life on just the interest from his savings account.

China’s banking system is free from the “Federal Reserve” and “American International Bankers” who want to pay less than 1% for your savings and then charge you fees on every little thing you do in your bank account.

A few more things.

A) The thought that you cannot speak out loud about anything you want is insane. I have had awesome discussions with Chinese about EVERY topic. No one is afraid to speak. If you read China’s blogs (Which no reporters from NYT actually do) then you would see that they have complete freedom of speech. The NYT reporters always confuse inciting public action against the government (Which our government also reacts harshly to….remember Waco Texas?), with freedom of speech which both governments support.

B) Chinese are not trapped in China. They can travel almost anywhere…except for the USA because our government is only interested in tourists with over $100,000 in their bank accounts. The funny thing is that there are so many Chinese with over $100,000 USD that they are becoming a powerful tourism force in the US with more and more visas being granted ever year. Unlike Americans, they can go to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and many other countries that black listed American tourists.

C) China is bent on polluting the world. This is crazy. Anyone who even thinks for one moment about the support of 1.3 billion people knows that China is working very hard on saving the environment. Compare their record to India in the last 5 years and you will see that they are not the same. India has no control over population, pollution, or corporate waste. China has cities with more electric vehicles than ALL OF AMERICA. China has more CLEAN public transportation than all the rest of the countries in the world PUT TOGETHER. The NYT reporters simply have no idea of the size of the population and the limited choices that China had in driving its country to its current greatness. The NYT reporters will slam china’s “one child policy” (that was recently changed) and in the same paper blast them on the pollution caused by their huge population.

So now you know a little more about China. The good news is that the market capitalization of the New York Times currently is only about 2 Billion USD. There are thousands of people in China who could purchase the paper individually and change it back to a real newspaper. I personally request that CCTV America purchase it and change the format to the GREAT NEWS COVERAGE OF CCTV. That would be a breath of fresh air for American who suffer from the crap published by NYT currently and broadcast by the likes of Fox News.

In an effort to help once you have purchased the paper, here is a short list of the ignorant reporters that you should fire immediately, and the articles that show their ignorance.

First lets start with firing THE EDITORIAL BOARD

Their article : United Against China : shows a complete ignorance of Asian politics. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considered by most in Asia to be a “Hitler wanna-be”. Even in his own country he is considered an extremist. To the rest of the countries in Asia WHO STILL REMEMBER THE MASS MURDER AND RAPE OF CIVILIANS BY THE JAPANESE ARMY, Abe is just a war loving leader who is trying to get approval to rebuild the racist Japanese army so they can devastate non-Japanese cultures again. And about this “high interest” 2 billion dollar loan. What a joke. China has invested more than that in South Sudan. To accept Japan’s pennies, when China is partnering for hundreds of billions, would be a huge mistake by the India Government. But then again, the India Government still thinks they are British so they might just be that stupid.

Next fire : HELEN GAO

What an ignorant title for an article : Back in China, Watching My Words First of all Helen, you have to know that Americans typically only read headlines. Your statement of “watching my words” will be misunderstood by the Americans to think you cannot speak freely to your friends and relatives. So your article talks about how your Grandmother thinks America is better than China. Did you tell her how many Chinese are returning to China and abandoning their jobs in America? Did you tell her how you ate processed food every day in America and how good her fish tasted? Way to mention carp. Are you trying to simply get readers in America to love you? The fish soups, sauteed fish, fried fish, and barbequed fish in China is SOOOOO much better than a McFish sandwich…and they cost about the same. Your life in China is better now than your life was in America. Admit it. You just write twisted articles so your editors at the NYT will accept your content. You can’t write the truth about China and get it published in the NYT. Face it…you are just prostituting yourself.

You cannot fire her, but bar her from adding any more content : KIM LEE

Abuse, Fear and Shame in China OH the ignorant editors of the New York Times loved this one.

Kim. You think that spousal abuse is not rampant in the US? You think that “In America, people don’t get away with this”? You are completely blind and blindly in love with America. America has just as much spousal abuse as China. American courts do NOT listen to wives of rich businessmen in America. Have you seen the Woody Allen Story? In America husbands get away with abuse, and sexual assault of their own children. I understand your anger at your situation, but your article is ignorant. By singling out China as an abusive country, you are turning your back on the women of the world who are suffering today. The New York Times took your sad, horrible story, and turned it in to propaganda against China. THEY USED YOU! You are just too stupid to realize when you are being used.

Another ignorant pawn of the NYT is ANDREW JACOBS….Fire him immediately.

His article China Appears Set to Force Times Reporter to Leave is a great example of the bully being referred to as the victim. One of our American problems is the abuse of “freedom of the press”. When the press has no integrity and they move to slander people in order to sell papers, you should no longer consider them “Press”. The New York Times is a rag that is sold to fearful people, paranoid people, and ignorant people. This article is about Austin Ramzy (Who also needs to be fired if he is still employed by the NYT). Austin is famous for his baseless slander of China. He thought he could be a habitual liar and live the high life in China without consequences. Sorry Austin. Go home and work for minimum wage and live in a crap apartment and eat fast food every day. Americans in China are GLAD you are leaving.

Next fire SHAOJIE HUANG for pure stupidity.

Her article Pet Owners Brace for Chinese New Year Fireworks, shows that the NYT is trolling the bottom of the ocean for stories that slander China. I live in China. I have a cat. I didn’t brace for the fireworks of the New Year. ShaoJie….you know that most apartment buildings are 20+ stories. Fireworks on the street do not bother our pets. The one night of brilliant fireworks is a wonderful sight to behold. I remember how sad I was when fireworks were outlawed in America. I remember driving 200 miles to the next state to buy them and bring them back illegally so I could celebrate the 4th of July. This is a freedom that Chinese have over Americans. Congratulations China. Shut up ShaJie.

OK…..the list is too long to complete….but let me add just one more.

In China, ‘Once the Villages Are Gone, the Culture Is Gone’

IAN JOHNSON is the definition of a person throwing stones in a glass house. Ian. We are America. We killed off 90% of our country’s “culture” as soon as we colonized the country. Where is American culture? Have you ever been to a Pow Wow? Have you ever even met a full blooded American Indian? China is spending hundreds of billions to preserve its culture. China is spending billions just trying to recover the treasures stolen by American Businessmen in the 1800’s. Face it….you are the LAST person who should be writing about destruction of culture since your country stole much of China’s ancient artifacts, and killed off its own indigenous people.

Like I said…the list of ignorant reporters at the New York Times is just too LONG. They need to be fired for their lies and ignorance. In closing let me offer my services to the new Chinese ownership of the New York Times in the near future to help you weed out all the prejudice and ignorance that is the NEW YORK TIMES.



New York Times : Hack Reporter Edward Wong : No wonder they are censored

January 19, 2013 Leave a comment

If you thought it was a unusually harsh move by the Chinese Government to block access to the New York Times, then all you have to do to understand their point of view is to look at the hack reporting by writers like Eward Wong.

Mr. Wong wrote and obviously bias commentary titled ” In China, Widening Discontent Among the Communist Party Faithful

The New York Times published it as : News Analysis

What a load of crap. Analysis???? There is no analysis in this article about discontent with the party leadership. All of the statements on this article are about the dawn of environmental awareness and education in the Chinese society. It has nothing to do with the leadership in the form of “discontent”, but rather with the demand for changes in reporting on pollution and improving the environment.

China has 1.3 billion people. They have environmental problems that are beyond the scope of anything we have seen here in the US, but even though we only have 1/3 of their population, we rank 2nd, right behind them in pollution.

The Chinese are doing more to solve the problem than any other country on the planet. Their subway systems, high speed rail systems, electric taxis and buses, are all movements in the right direction. They are investing exponentially more money than the USA in environmentally conscious infrastructure improvements.

The idea that this pollution issue is at the heart of any revolt in China is ludicrous. The only thing that Chinese are upset about concerning their government is corruption. This is the focus of the past two governments (10 year appointments), and it will continue to be the focus as the amount of cash flowing through the country is unprecedented in human history.

The bottom line about the state of any nation is the amount of growth it is experiencing, how that growth is being shared with the majority of society, and how long the country has been able to sustain it. If a society is experiencing a depression, then its residents become audibly confrontational with the government. If a society is lacking food, shelter or general health, then it becomes revolutionary. But as long as growth and distribution of wealth is happening, then the society will never be able to organize against the government.

When you look at GDP growth, distribution of wealth, and length of financial prosperity, China has an AMAZING track record.

First look at the GDP since 1952.

Now Compare that to the US.

Just from these two graphs, you can understand why the Chinese society is very patriotic and supportive of their country and why the US is seeing the great success of Fox News and other organizations promoting social unrest. The Chinese society is riding a wave of prosperity and the US society is locked in fear and loathing.

Next, you will hear reporters like Edward Wong tell you that the Chinese are rioting about the lack of distribution of wealth to the people. Again, this is an utter lie. Look at the facts.

Look at the distribution of the GDP in China vs. the GDP in the USA. China is putting 12 times more of its GDP into the hands of the workers than the USA.

No wonder our society is angry with our corporations in the US who are hoarding all the money.

No wonder why we are all angry with our US representation in government.

No wonder The New York Times has people like Edward Wong writing lies to try to make the US look better.

No wonder the Chinese have a standard response to the US in all international negotiations currently, “Why don’t you fix your own problems instead of inventing problems for China”.

AND FINALLY, No wonder why the Chinese Government blocked The New York Times (and all its lies) from the Chinese people.

I am not saying I agree with censorship or limiting free speech, but I can definitely understand the frustration of

Putin, Pussy Riot, The Church, and the Ignorant Public

The trial in Moscow of the three women who protested against Putin is a prime example of how moronic our global society has become.


If you think the 2 year jail sentence handed down by the Russian court has anything to do with Putin….your a moron. If you think that people cannot play an “anti Putin” punk song in Russia….again…..your a moron.

This is a sign of power shown by the Russian Orthodox Church. These girls are getting two years in jail…not because of what they said about Putin, but rather because the “defiled a holy place”. The christian church, with all of its denominations and sects, is one of the largest and oldest hate groups in the world. When they get hold of power you see hate, torture and murder happen almost immediately. You see the idea of justice and peace fly out the window, replaced by ruling by fear. This is an exact measure of how much the Christian Church has gained control since the breakup of the secular communist state.

Putin himself is incapable of going up against the church. While he stated “he hoped the women would not be judged “too severely,” but that the decision was the court’s to make.” and “He does not have the right to impose his view on the court.”, but what this really means is that he has a growing fear of the power of the Church.

The proof of my statements comes in the verdict comments handed down by the court. The girls of Pussy Riot were found guilty because they ‘‘committed hooliganism driven by religious hatred.’’ (This is ironic because they protested inside the building of the largest and oldest hate group in the world … the Christian Chruch). They were not found guilty of statements against the Kremlin, Putin, or any branch of the government. They were found guilty for crimes against the Christian Church.

The three women smiled sadly as the judge recounted testimony of prosecution witnesses accusing them of sacrilege and ‘‘devilish dances’’ in the church and said that their feminist views made them hate the Orthodox religion. (Sound like the dark ages, and the inquisition to you too?)

What about Christian forgiveness? NO SUCH THING.

The Christian Church, who would have loved to seen these girls burned at the stake, issued this statement. On Friday, the Russian Orthodox Church issued a statement that referred to Nazi aggression and the militant atheism of the Soviet era, and said, “What happened is blasphemy and sacrilege, the conscious and deliberate insult to the sanctuary and a manifestation of hostility to millions of people.”

Translation: Dance and scream for 5 minutes in a church in Russia and you deserve 2 years in jail. REALLY? YES! The church is that power hungry, that hate filled, and that vengeful. Hell does not exist in the afterlife….it is here right now in the form of the Christian Church.

Here is a list of the media MORONS who get an F for reporting so poorly on this story.

The Guardian UK

The LA Times

The daily beast

The Australian

The New York Times

Boston Herald

The oxymoron of the 21st century “professional journalism”

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alyokhina. I wish you three good lives after you complete your years of unjust imprisonment by the Christian Chruch.

Itia (abroad)

Close the Federal Reserve Bank down NOW

April 30, 2011 2 comments

The New York Times published an article yesterday backing the idea of the Federal Reserve. The author, ROGER LOWENSTEIN, tried his best to make an argument for the importance and legitimacy of the FED. The logic is awful. It sounded exactly like the arguments for weapons of mass destruction right before we invaded Iraq.

In the days of legal slavery in the United States there was actually a debate on abolition. Some incredibly foolish people stood up and said that blacks were unable to govern themselves and needed masters. History now reflects on them as the fools and bigots of history. History will be as equally unkind to Mr. Lowenstein. The anti-abolitionist writers of the past, without exception, had a financial reason to back the continuation of slavery. I am certain that there is some link between Mr. Lowenstein and our masters at the Federal Reserve that caused him to publish such a weak argument in favor of our banking masters.

Mr. Lowenstein used the old and completely discredited statement that the Federal Reserve was founded by our country and serves as a moderating force against financial catastrophes. We all know that the Federal Reserve was founded on a document that was written by bankers, NOT congress. We know that those who crafted that document paid great sums to get President Wilson elected and that President Wilson later told us how great a mistake it was to take their money and to create the Fed. We know that there were multiple times before this that the bankers had tried to hijack our currency but failed. Finally, we know that there have been more “financial catastrophes” since the inception of the Federal Reserve than any time before. So the idea that the FED is an institution that the people wanted, or that it is good for America, is simply insane.

The bottom line is that the FED has profited trillions of dollars from management of US currency. Our money is not our own. We are slaves to the FED. Mr. Lowenstein has some illusion that being servants to bankers who use our own money to make unimaginable sums of money is a good thing. America has always served the FED. The FED has never served America.

So why would Mr. Lowenstein print an article like that? Simple. The FED is nearing the end of its reign on America. Soon we will be masters of our own currency and we will find out just how many decades we have to work to pay back the money that the FED stole from our country. Mr. Lowenstein’s article is propaganda that is seeking to extend the FED’s reign for just a short while longer.

ITIA (Abroad)