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2014 The HAARETZ operating much like WWII Newspaper Der Stürmer

In 2014, it is dangerous to make a negative statement about Israel.

It is even more dangerous to write a negative statement about a former anchorman on a weekly Israeli Army Radio program about defense issues.

But the activities of Haaretz and Amos Harel require a rebuttle due to their extreme anti-social, bigoted, prejudice tone. When Israeli Newspaper Haaretz starts using military analysts to report with social commentary as a national standard of communication, then propaganda is the outcome…not NEWS!

In today’s January 8th article about Palestinians beating up Jewish citizens who are illegally living in occupied territory, the Haaretz propaganda machine is at full throttle.
The bigoted spin on the story shows the true face of the former victims of prejudiced actions against their society, who have now become the predators against another society.

Here is the published article:

Amos Harel Haaretz

The author of this propaganda is Amos Harel. His description of himself is “Amos Harel is one of Israel’s leading media experts on military and defense issues.”
The idea that he could write an unbiased article about a local, social event in occupied Palestine is a joke. The idea that Haaretz would publish it is sickening. Amos has seen autocracies committed by both Muslims and Jews. He works with military security and receives a 24 hour a day indoctrination in the correctness of Jewish ways and the horrible incorrectness of Muslim ways. He believes Palestinians are less than human. If he did not then there is no way he would be given the job as the anchorman on a weekly Army Radio program about defense issues from 1999-2005. The bottom line is that Amos Harel can give accurate advice on the abilities of the Israel military, but he can NEVER give accurate advice on violence or misunderstandings happening on a local basis in Palestine. Amos Harel is dedicated to the war machine. He knows nothing about social and ideological compromise.

Military Analyst not qualified for social commentary

So when the article stating :
‘Bad neighbors’ || Beating of Jewish settlers by Palestinians villagers likely to spark vigilant reprisal. The closer Netanyahu inches toward a peace treaty the more right-wing extremists will try to thwart progress through attacks on Palestinian villages. is published by Haaretz, it is perfectly clear that they have no journalistic integrity and are purposefully pumping anti-Palestinian propaganda in hopes of keeping foreign powers on the side of the jailer….not the side of the illegally jailed.

So Welcome to 2014…….full circle from 1943.

In 1943, the bigoted Jew Hunting Nazi’s used Der Sturmer to spread lies and twist truths. In 2014, the bigoted Palestinian hunting Jews use Haaretz to spread lies and twist truths. Amos Harel is just a spin doctor who hates Palestinians and seeks their destruction on a daily basis.

So the victims have become the perpetrators. Our world is sick.

NOTE: I wrote a comment to the article published in Haaretz.

I stated, If you occupy a foreign country, you are always open to justified attacks from those who want to self govern. It does not matter which country in the world you occupy. You are not welcome. You are not one of them. The actual low number of reprisals by Palestinians against Israel shows just how tough the iron fist is of the “nazi-like” control of Israel over Palestine. It also shows how the decades have eroded the society of Palestine. Israel will continue this policy until societal genocide occurs in Palestine. Until the Palestinians accept the servant role to Master Israel. Israel the “chosen people”…..sounds alot like the propaganda of Nazi Germany’s “master race”. Now the actions are looking eerily similiar.

The comment was not published in the list of comments. The newspaper is not an open forum. The country is not open to debate on their actions.

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