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Why is Wikipedia Down on Wednesday, January 18?

It is protest by the intelligent and logical organizers of Wikipedia against the moronic and irrational actions of our United States Government.

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia announced it on Monday

Wikipedia is not fighting over the copyrights of materials, but over the fact that our government decided to put destroy the Internet as we know it in order to protect large International corporations.

The Verge gives a really good description of exactly what is found in SOPA.

The bottom line is that the government, who is already shutting down hundreds of Internet sites every month, is now DRAFTING every major site that allows links into shutting down sites. The core problem is that anyone claiming copyrights can shut down an entire site by simply writing emails to the companies hosting the links or hosting the sites. IT IS LAW WITHOUT ANY DUE PROCESS.


The US Government is attempting to gain a legal right to control the Internet. The Internet is one of the only truly free and global institutions on the planet. America should be proud for creating it. Now we are going to destroy it? KEEP THE INTERNET FREE.

Thank you Wikipedia for your social consciousness.

Itia (Abroad)

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